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Unless you’ve been extremely lucky through the first few weeks this season, you’ve probably been affected at least somewhat by the numerous injuries and other factors sidelining players. Whether it be WRs, RBs, or even TEs it seems like the fantasy battlefield has turned into a minefield of worrying statuses. The good news for your team is that the other managers in your league are also dealing with these same problems, and if you’re a player who is inclined to trade then this is something you can use to your benefit. Keep reading for the best targets to buy high and sell low.



Blake Bortles

Buy Low-Blake Bortles

There’s no doubt Bortles had a terrible performance this Sunday, throwing for three INTs and under 200 yards. However, while he was bad, he wasn’t bad for the reasons his preseason skeptics thought he would be. You may remember how the doubters proposed that a revitalized Jaguars team would keep games close and cut down on the garbage time that Bortles exploited to finish as the third overall QB last year.

Well, it’s three weeks into the season and it seems like we’re still looking at the same old Jacksonville team. Not only have they not lived up to their lofty preseason expectations, they’ve been downright awful. They look in every way like they will be providing Bortles with all the garbage time he needs, and as we all know Bortles is the garbage-time king.

So if the Bortles owner in your league doesn’t understand the benefit of the Jaguars being awful, take a shot and see if you can get him on the cheap. It could pay off in a big way as Blake gun slings his way through the second half of most games for the rest of the season.


Sell High-Ryan Tannehill

I’m not sure why you would have Tannehill on your roster, but if you do then you’re probably one of the few people to notice that the QB has topped 28 points the past two weeks. Despite losing to the Patriots and eking out an embarrassing win over the awful Browns, Tannehill has managed to post extremely likable stat lines in each of those games.

Even with those stats, it won’t be easy to sell the QB, but now will likely be the best chance you’ll ever get. The Dolphins once again look terrible, and Tannehill is not going to continue to post numbers of this magnitude. So if there’s an owner in your league absolutely desperate for a QB offer up a trade and see if you can’t get something back for a player who probably won’t be on your roster in a few weeks time.


Running Back

Devonta Freeman


Buy Low-Doug Martin

After an underwhelming start to the season and an injury that sidelines him for one to two more weeks now should be the perfect time to buy low on the running back. While Martin’s first week was okay, he scored less than three points in the second before leaving with a hamstring injury. This should have his owner in your league frustrated, and if they are in immediate need of an RB or flex play you can get great value for Martin in a trade. As long as you’ve got an extra bench spot available and can afford to roster a player who is out for the next few weeks, then Martin could be a major benefit to you down the stretch.

Sell High-Devonta Freeman

After a frustrating three weeks for Freeman owners that they spent biding their time, it’s finally the opportune moment to sell the RB. After being outperformed by teammate Tevin Coleman the first two weeks Freeman finally posted the monster stat line everyone had been waiting for, with 152 yards rushing in addition to five receptions and a receiving TD.

After all that you may want to hold onto him, but you should also notice that the RBCC in Atlanta still holds strong with Coleman getting nearly as many fantasy points. Atlanta will not be scoring 45 points every week, and with the two backs splitting carries there won’t be enough to go around. Freeman will have more big weeks, but so will Coleman, and you won’t be able to tell which it will be each week. Add into that the fact that Atlanta has a brutal upcoming schedule and it should be easy to see why now is the time to sell after a big week.


Wide Receiver

Eric Decker

Buy Low-Eric Decker

Eric Decker is known to be one of the most consistent players in fantasy, but after a bad week three with a Jets offense that looks deflated his owners may be panicking. It’s true that Decker scored less than four fantasy points this past week, but we should all remember that this was his first week without 80 yards or a TD since the 2014 season. While the Jets as a whole have looked pretty bad it won’t be every week that Fitzpatrick throws six interceptions, and Decker should continue his trend of consistency.


Sell High-Terrelle Pryor

This past week many Pryor owners took a risk and put the WR in their lineup, hoping for possible Wildcat QB points. It paid off in a big way with Pryor getting points through passing, running, and receiving. If the other members of your league are jealous of such a versatile play now might be the time to sell. With Josh Gordon returning soon and the Browns looking to solidify their QB situation it’s unlikely this trend will continue. You probably won’t be able to get much for the WR, but probably the most at any point this season and a good return for a waiver wire pickup.


Tight End

Rob Gronkowski

                                                                     (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)


Buy Low-Rob Gronkowski

Gronk owners were ecstatic to hear on Thursday that the TE would play that night. After two weeks on the bench, the consensus number one tight end would finally be taking the field. That excitement turned to despair when Gronk failed to get even one reception. With the return of Tom Brady coming up and the Pats likely to need him more in future games, Gronkowski should start putting up the numbers he was drafted for. However, if the Gronk owner in your league has had enough then they might be willing to sell. You’ll still have to give back quite a bit, but nowhere near what the tight end is actually worth.


Sell High-Cameron Brate

Before this week most fantasy players had never heard of Cameron Brate, or at least never considered having him in their lineup. But then Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was cut by the Bucs for a DUI and suddenly Brate was the starter. For those owners who took a risk and put Brate in their lineups, it paid off in a big way with the TE scoring 16.6 fantasy points. If there is an owner in your league desperate and willing to take a chance on a risky TE, now could be the time to sell.

I'm a sportswriter from Upstate New York living in San Francisco. I love all sports but I'm especially passionate about football and basketball and an absolute fanatic for the Giants and Knicks. When I'm not watching sports I can be found spending way too much time playing the fantasy versions of them. Follow me on twitter: @holtoncaulfield

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