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It’s that time again for another edition of Buy Low/Sell High. Fantasy football is a week-to-week game. You should be analyzing your team every week and seeing in what ways you can improve. This piece is designed to shed some light on some players you should be considering to either strike why the iron is hot or dump before they tailspin.


Alex Smith

Buy Low-Alex Smith

There’s a pretty good chance that Alex Smith isn’t even rostered in your league, in which case you should just pick him up off waivers. However, if your league is a bit deeper than most then he probably is and this is a great time to buy.

Smith has had a bit of a lackluster start to the season with just two of his four games resulting in more than 20 fantasy points. This should not scare you away however as the Chiefs have shown that they are more than willing to pass the ball. In fact, through four regular season games the Chiefs have passed at a higher percentage than any other team in the league.

Adding to Smith’s prospects is also the fact that his upcoming schedule looks downright juicy. For the next four weeks, the Chiefs will be playing teams that rank ninth or worse for points given up to QBs. Other than Denver in week 12 Smith has a very easy schedule right up until playoffs.


Sell High-Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer may be the biggest surprise of the fantasy season when it comes to quarterbacks. In each of his three starts so far Hoyer has managed to get at least 22 points for his owners.

However, I would not expect this to last and if you currently have him rostered as a backup it might be time to sell to a QB needy team. While Hoyer has been performing well you can’t forget that Jay Cutler will be back soon and should have a good shot to win back the starting job.

Even without Cutler though I would still be wary of Hoyer keeping up this kind of production. How many times have we seen him start for a new team and impress for a few games, only to watch as he crashes back down to earth soon after. And while his matchup may look nice this week it’s worth noting that the Jaguars give up just 199 passing yards per game.


Running Back

Doug Martin

Buy Low-Doug Martin

This is one train you need to get on before it leaves the station. After multiple weeks on the sidelines and a bye this week the Martin owner in your league is likely more than a little frustrated with the RB. Which makes it the perfect time to strike on a player that could make your season.

As the Bucs show with Jacquizz Rodgers this past Monday night they are more than willing to give their running back a massive amount of carries. Rodgers had 30 attempts for 101 yards. Now Martin is a much better back than him so just think what he could do with that many.

In addition, Martin has maybe the best playoff schedule of any running back right now.He plays the awful Saints run D in weeks 14 and 16. He should absolutely tear it up against them if healthy and that could be a major factor in you winning your league.


Sell High-LeGarrette Blount

Blount had a great start to the season with QB Tom Brady out for the first four weeks. Without Brady, the Pats had to lean a bit more on the run than they normally would and this helped Blount’s numbers greatly.

However with Brady back we are probably going to see the RB’s numbers take a sizeable hit, something we saw this past Sunday. Blount had a TD which bolstered his final tally but not including that he had just 37 yards. He is still going to have great weeks but they will be hard to predict and you’re better off selling him now while his value is still high from the first four games.

Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant

Buy Low-Dez Bryant

This is the second time I’ve had Bryant as a buy low option and I think it’s even more true than last time. After fairly good outings in weeks, two and three Bryant was sidelined with a knee injury and has not played since. With the owner in your league frustrated and a bye coming up soon now may be the perfect time to buy.

If you’re apprehensive just remember that Romo should be returning soon from his back injury and the Cowboys have confirmed that he will be starting. Expect more looks from Romo than Prescott has been giving Bryant and as a result a major uptick in production.


Sell High-Randall Cobb

After waiting and waiting Cobb owners finally got what they were looking for when the WR had a week over 10 points this past week. Cobb has no doubt been having a bad season but his most recent game may have you hopeful. I, however, do not feel that way and think you should sell him to an owner who believes he has returned to form.

With Jordy Nelson back after missing last season everyone was expecting Cobb, and the Packers offense as a whole, to get back on track. While the offense has been markedly better the same cannot be said for Cobb, and I believe that going forward he will be at best a boom or bust play.


Tight End

Tyler Eifert

Buy Low-Tyler Eifert

Anyone who had been stashing Eifert on their bench the first four weeks was ecstatic when the tight end was finally cleared to play. However, during practice before week five Eifert had an unrelated injury and was once again sidelined. There’s a good chance that the Eifert owner in your league has had enough and you should buy if you can.

Sure his rash of injuries is something to be concerned about, but don’t forget that Eifert was the TD leader last year and is a favorite red zone target of Andy Dalton. Buy while you because you might not have a chance once Eifert actually takes the field.


Sell High-Jordan Reed

This is one sell high that you need to be trying to pull off immediately. After feeling concussion symptoms at the beginning of the week Reed is being evaluated by doctors. This would not be too concerning for most players but you should remember that if he is diagnosed with a concussion it will be his sixth in as many years. At that point Reed may have to start thinking about his long-term health and whether or not he wants to continue playing football.

I'm a sportswriter from Upstate New York living in San Francisco. I love all sports but I'm especially passionate about football and basketball and an absolute fanatic for the Giants and Knicks. When I'm not watching sports I can be found spending way too much time playing the fantasy versions of them. Follow me on twitter: @holtoncaulfield

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