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Breakout Breakdown: Week Two

JJ Nelson Breakout

If you agreed with my sentiment in the last article that week one was a headache, then you probably still feel the same way after week two. Chances are that your roster is a bit thinner now than it was a week ago, and even if you avoided injuries, lackluster performances from healthy players probably have you turning to the wire. Lucky for you I’ve got a fresh crop of breakout players ready to bolster your lineup, assuming you can get them on waivers.


Please note that while the percentages I give some players may seem low, this is only because they’re breakout players whose roles are not fully clear yet. Rest assured that anyone listed here is worth at least a speculative add, with the potential for great upside.


J.J. Nelson

Unlike some players on this list J.J. Nelson actually had a fine week one, but due to being third on the depth chart his 10.30 point standard performance flew under the radar. However, with John Brown out for week two Nelson filled in perfectly, catching five receptions for a hundred yards and a TD. As long as he keeps impressing I’m fairly confident Nelson will be able to make a big enough splash to retain the job even when Brown is healthy again.

Chance to continue success: 60%


Chris Carson

The Seahawks backfield was a mess coming into the week, but despite the fact that it’s still a bit of a headache a clear starter has established themselves. That player is Chris Carson, who had 93 yards on 20 rushes and a reception. Carson was already a speculative add coming into the week, but most owners wanted to see how the backfield looked with Rawls healthy. Now that question has been answered, as Carson out-snapped Rawls 50-16. After the game head coach Pete Carroll heaped praise on Carson and made it apparent that he is the guy in Seattle. Anything Carroll says about RBs needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but his confidence is apparent and seems to be sincere.

Chance to continue success: 60%


Rashard Higgins

There may not be too many guys worth owning in Cleveland, but this weekend Higgins made a case for himself being one of them. He saw eleven targets, catching seven of them for 95 yards. That line is intriguing on its own but the real reason Higgins should be on your radar is Corey Coleman breaking his hand. That plus a lackluster line from Kenny Britt means that the starting job in Cleveland is Higgins’ for the taking. The Browns offense, on the whole, is pretty awful and that definitely lowers his value, but Higgins has the opportunity, and that’s enough for an add in most leagues.

Chance to continue success: 40%


Jermaine Kearse

I didn’t expect to be recommending any Jets wide receivers this season, but two weeks in Jermaine Kearse has shown that he’s worth an add. After an okay week one Kearse shined against Oakland, posting 64 yards and two TDs on four targets. While Kearse needs to be added in most leagues, I’m still a bit bullish on his prospects going forward. The Jets offense is something I’ve tried to avoid, and one good game from Kearse doesn’t mean he’ll always be able to overcome it. His breakout game was also very TD dependent, and he only got four targets despite his stellar stat line.

Chance to continue success: 25%

I'm a sportswriter from Upstate New York living in San Francisco. I love all sports but I'm especially passionate about football and basketball and an absolute fanatic for the Giants and Knicks. When I'm not watching sports I can be found spending way too much time playing the fantasy versions of them. Follow me on twitter: @holtoncaulfield

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1 Comment

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    September 20, 2017 at 3:10 am

    Title and content are extremely similar to a blog I saw about a year ago

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