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So another regular season of fantasy football is in the books and we find ourselves in the thick of playoffs once again. If you’re still reading fantasy football advice it probably means that you’ve escaped the first round of playoffs and are looking to continue your postseason run. While you may have made it this far there’s a good chance that some of your players weren’t able to to make it with you due to injury or other circumstances. If you’re a Melvin Gordon owner, Matt Forte owner, or an owner of any number of other players then you may be in dire straits because one of your starters who carried you through the season now sits on your bench. Fear not, you’ve made it this far, and even in week 15 there are still some great plays on the waiver. Some pickups might be more desperate than others but be assured that the answer to your injury woes is out there, it’s just a matter of finding them.


QB-Eli Manning

If you’re like me then you waited late into your draft to pick up a QB. That has proven to have been a great strategy with quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins slipping to later rounds. One late round QB that was recommended by numerous people (myself included) was Eli Manning. As we all know that hasn’t really panned out with the Giants QB providing spotty at best fantasy numbers. However, if you’re absolutely desperate for a last minute flyer then Eli might not be a bad bet, especially since he’s likely to be one of the few viable players left on your waiver.

If this were any other week I would remain wary of Manning. However, he is playing the Lions in a must-win game for the Giants who are still fighting to keep hold of their wildcard spot. In addition, the Lions defense is 8th worst in the league against quarterbacks meaning that Manning could be sneaky play despite the risk of a dud.


RB-Kenneth Farrow

This one is self-explanatory if you’ve been paying attention to fantasy updates. As we all know RB Melvin Gordon will be out week 15 and possibly 16 with both a hip and knee injury. This is extremely aggravating to Gordon owners, all of whom were looking forward to the RBs juicy matchups both weeks.

Don’t fret, though, as long as you picked up SD backup Kenneth Farrow off waivers or if he’s still available you have someone to plug into your lineup if need be. Farrow may not be as promising as Gordon but he will still have those great match ups and the SD coaching staff seems to trust him at least a little bit. However, I would remain aware of the very real possibility that SD ends up using a timeshare if it doesn’t seem like Farrow has the hot hand.


WR-Jeremy Maclin

I honestly can’t believe I’m suggesting this but if we’re talking about players that you can still get off waivers there might not be much else at WR besides Maclin. Currently at less than 70% ownership on Yahoo Maclin could be your riskiest pickup of the season, especially considering this is playoffs.

The only reason I’m even floating this idea is because Maclin plays Tennessee this week, ranked as the worst defense against WRs. Even so, I strongly advise trying to find someone else to plug in. This pickup is recommended only for those in the most dire of straits, as Maclin has gone above and beyond in terms of disappointing fantasy owners this season.

I'm a sportswriter from Upstate New York living in San Francisco. I love all sports but I'm especially passionate about football and basketball and an absolute fanatic for the Giants and Knicks. When I'm not watching sports I can be found spending way too much time playing the fantasy versions of them. Follow me on twitter: @holtoncaulfield

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