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2021 Devy Fantasy Football Rankings

2021 devy fantasy football rankings

2021 Devy Rankings

Our 2021 devy fantasy football rankings are live! With the 2021 college football season right around the corner, be sure to check back in regularly to see how our rankings and values are changing throughout the year. If you want more devy content, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform, as our guy Christian Welch will be putting out a short and sweet devy podcast regularly. You can find The Fantasy Authority Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and more. If you’re not entirely sure what devy fantasy football is, scroll past the rankings for a quick explainer.

What is a Devy Fantasy league?

“Devy” is short for developmental. In devy fantasy leagues, you are able to draft players who are still in college and have yet to enter the NFL. Think of devy as a subdivision or an addition to your dynasty leagues. In normal devy leagues, the players you draft don’t contribute to your weekly point totals. These players typically stay on a taxi squad in your dynasty leagues until they become NFL rookies.

How do you play Devy fantasy football?

There are a ton of different ways to implement devy into your leagues, and you can make it as basic or as involved as you’d like. This really just comes down to your individual league and how comfortable your leaguemates are with the format. Some leagues only allow for 1-2 devy players on each roster in an attempt to not completely ravage future rookie drafts. For other leagues, like Campus to Canton leagues, you have an entire college roster in addition to a full NFL roster. Those leagues can be 20+ rounds of college players, for the true sickos out there.


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