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DFS Bargain Hunting: Week 14

robby anderson dfs bargain hunting week 14

Cutting coupons. It’s a tedious task. You sift through the online ads or sit at the dining room table with your scissors and circular. You go to the store with your clippings or print outs and search for your items. It’s not fun by any means, but the work is justified by the money you save at the end of a trip. Some people will even go as far as to shop around at several stores to truly find the best deal. Some think it’s crazy. Why not fork over a little extra money to save some time? Trust me, I get it. However, I will never argue with anyone who is trying to save a little extra change, especially in DFS. And thankfully, we aren’t doing any actual grocery shopping this week. Here’s my DFS Bargain Hunting: Week 14.

QUARTERBACK – Kyler Murray

DraftKings $5,800 $50,000 11.6%
Fanduel $7,500 $60,000 12.5%
FantasyDraft $11,200 $100,000 11.2%

At its peak, Kyler Murray’s price on DraftKings was $6,800. That was all the way back in week 7. Since then, Murray’s price has floated in the mid to low 6K range. But here we are in week 14 where Murray gets a home matchup against a stingy Steelers defense, lowering his price all the way to $5,800. A similar situation arose a few weeks back when the Cardinals welcomed a rolling 49ers team into town. One that had an above-average defensive unit of their own. In that game, Murray’s price was $5,900 and he would go on to put up 23.04 DK points. It is tough to gauge what teams have truly mailed it in this latter part of the season. If the Cardinals want to end this season on a high note and carry some momentum into next season, Kyler will have to bring his A-game against a Pittsburgh team whose playoff hopes are very much alive. 

RUNNING BACK – Devonta Freeman

DraftKings $5,400 $50,000 10.8%
Fanduel $6,000 $60,000 10%
FantasyDraft $10,600 $100,000 10.6%

Devonta Freeman returned from his injury absence on Thanksgiving last week. His replacements Brian Hill and Quadree Ollison were generally ineffective in his stead. With that, Freeman handled his usual workload, especially in the passing game. This week he gets a lighter matchup at home against the Panthers. They are allowing the second most DK points per game to running backs with 30.7 and the most Fanduel points allowed to running backs with 27.8. Freeman is not the most exciting option, but the workload combined with the matchup creates a smart opportunity to roster him this week. 

WIDE RECEIVER – Robby Anderson

DraftKings $5,100 $50,000 10.2%
Fanduel $6,400 $60,000 10.6%
FantasyDraft $10,100 $100,000 10.1%

Robby Anderson and Sam Darnold look to have finally hit their stride over the past two weeks. It has helped that they have faced one of the softest schedules for quarterbacks and receivers during that time period. Anderson has seen 15 targets over the past two weeks and has racked up 187 yards and a touchdown. This week they will face a Dolphins defense that is beatable just about everywhere. For what it is worth, I don’t see the Jets taking their foot off of the gas if things were to get out of hand. Adam Gase strikes me as the type who takes his revenge narratives very seriously. Anderson looks poised to rip it up this week. 

TIGHT END – Jared Cook

DraftKings $4,200 $50,000 8.4%
Fanduel $6,500 $60,000 10.8%
FantasyDraft $8,500 $100,000 8.5%

Jared Cook has come on strong as of late for the Saints. It has been the trio of he, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas soaking up all of the targets from Drew Brees. While the Saints have a tough 49ers defense in town this week, I am not shying away here. Cook has 6 straight games of double-digit DK points and I don’t see that trend stopping here. Over the past 4 weeks, Cook has seen a total of 26 targets. Cook’s price is too cheap for someone who is seeing almost 7 targets per game from one of the league’s best quarterbacks. If you need a little extra convincing, Mark Andrews had no issues contributing in the Ravens’ win last week as he went for 3 catches on 6 targets, for 50 yards and a touchdown. Nothing spectacular, but if Cook can put up a similar performance, he should have no issues paying off his salary. 

DEFENSE – Tennesee Titans 

DraftKings $2,600 $50,000 5.2%
Fanduel $4,400 $60,000 7.3%
FantasyDraft $5,000 $100,000 5%

There are plenty of solid options at defense this week. It all depends on how cheap you want to go. If you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, I think the Titans are as good an option as any. Although they have to travel to Oakland, this Titans team looks to have built up some momentum at just the right time. They will get a Raiders team that has had the wind taken out of their sails in back to back games. I am also not very intimidated by this Raiders attack. At their price, the Titans don’t need to do much to make it worth your while.


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