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DraftKings Week 8 GPP Plays

DraftKings Week 8 GPP Plays

Welcome back for my DraftKings Week 8 GPP plays! Let’s keep this train rolling. My sole focus is to help you identify the best team stacks to push you ahead in tournaments. I’ll select a few POTENTIALLY low-owned GPP plays as well, primarily on DraftKings. I’ll also be referencing various tools I use from sites such as 4for4.comProFootballFocus.comFootball Outsiders and These sites have some of the best tools and insights into the industry. My overall goal here is to help you come to your own logical conclusions, trust yourself, and develop your own process. At the end of the day, you make the final decisions. You must hold yourselves accountable. It’s the only way we’re going to learn and improve our game. So, let’s plant our flag, not waiver on convictions, and start winning some money! Let’s look at some of the top DraftKings Week 8 stacks and GPP plays!


Russell Wilson ($7200), Chris Carson ($7000), Tyler Lockett ($7000)

Fresh off a tough loss to the Baltimore Ravens the Seahawks travel to Atlanta where the Falcons defense holds the universal cure for any struggling offense. Russell Wilson is looking to bounce back after his “off game” and faces a Falcons defense allowing the most (aFPA) to QBs (24.1) and have given up huge stat lines to Jared Goff (22-37 268yds 2TDs), Kyler Murray (27-37 340yds 3TDs) and DeShaun Watson (28-33 426yds 5TDs). The Falcons are an extreme pass funnel. Sporting the second-worst DVOA pass defense via Football Outsiders and allowing the fourth most (aFPA) to WR-PPR at 48.5. This secondary is ripe for the pickings with Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf coming to town. I considered using Metcalf in this stack, but I really like the idea of going with a QB-RB-WR stack for tournaments to get differentiation. Speaking of RB, while the Falcons are an extreme pass funnel they can still be had on the ground as they currently allow 24.4 (aFPA) to RB-PPR via 4for4. Everything is coming up Seahawks in this game. Grab this triple threat and let them lead the way for you in GPPs.


Josh Allen ($6500)

Week 7 was as bizarre as things could go. Don’t expect things to get any easier in week 8 as DraftKings has made some interesting pricing decisions with its Quarterbacks. Goff and Wilson have been priced up to reflect their cupcake matchups. They’ll no doubt carry a ton of exposure. You’ll have people point chasing Stafford as he gets another solid matchup. But, another QB who could be looking at low ownership is Josh Allen. ETR currently has him projected at sub 10% ownership. Allen had a decent game (21.3 DK pts) against the Dolphins last week and DraftKings didn’t move his price tag. This week he faces a Philly defense that got absolutely wrecked last Sunday in primetime. Ignoring Luke Faulk (for obvious reasons), the Eagles have given up these stat lines to three prior QBs, Dak Prescott (21-27 239yds 1TD 1 INT with 30 rush yards 1Rush TD), Kirk Cousins (22-29 333yds 4TD 1INT) and Aaron Rodgers (34-53 422yds 2TD 1INT and 46 rush yards). Philly’s secondary has been a burnable unit all year long. Via 4for4’s (aFPA) they rank 9th worst against QBs allowing 19.1pts. and rank second to last against WR-PPR. But Allen’s legs add more to his upside. As you can see from both Prescott and Rodgers stats the Eagles struggle with mobile QBs and Allen is as mobile as it gets. Fire up the Bills QB and don’t look back.

Running back

Saquon Barkley ($8900)

Back from injury Saquon Barkley jumped right back into the Giants offense as if he never left. Compiling 21 touches on 83% of his snaps. While the production wasn’t there (17 DK points) the volume and opportunity were. This week he gets a prime juicy spot to exploit against a weak run defense. The Lions come into this week’s game with a bottom twelve DVOA rush defense. Allow 25.4pts to PPR RBs via 4for4 (aFPA) and per PFF have the 6th worst graded rush defense. Did I mention this game has a 50pt implied game total? Fire up Barkley with full confidence as he navigates against a rush defense that was terrorized by both tandem backs in Green Bay and Kanas City (13 receptions) and trucked by Dalvin Cook for 25-142-2. Unlike Sam Darnold seeing ghosts it’s very realistic that the Lions will see a demon running straight through them breaking the slate for your tournament lineup.

Wide Receiver

Allen Robinson ($6000)

It appears The Simpsons got a jump on their annual Tree House of Horror episode as the Chargers head into Chicago to take on the Bears. Both teams are coming off grueling losses. The Bears whipped by the Saints (don’t let that box score fool you) and the Chargers losing to the Titans on the final play of their game. When you see losses like that you kind of hope that there’s a bounce-back in store the next week. Not only is there no bounce-back spot opportunity for either team but I think there’s a scary possibility that this game could end in a tie. Okay, I’m being dramatic. But, seriously, both teams are playing extremely bad. *end rant*

So, why in the world am I even talking about this game? Two words. Allen Robinson. Despite playing on this terrible team quarterbacked by Mitchell Trubisky, ARob has shown consistently how good he is. His last three games, 7-77 on seven targets versus Minnesota, 7-97-2 on eight targets against the Raiders and 10-87-1 on SIXTEEN targets against the Saints. Ok, so the sixteen targets could be an outlier. Because of garbage time. But, even against the Raiders in a close game he still got eight targets and turned it into fantasy gold. Via Football Outsiders the Chargers sport a bottom 5 Pass DVOA and are ranked tenth worst against their opponents #1 wideout. The Chargers have also given up big days to Corey Davis (6-80-1), Courtland Sutton (4-92-1) and DeVante Parker (4-70-1). Those wideouts are good but are nowhere near the alpha WR ARob is. Fire up Robinson as he is the only piece on this house of horror offense worth using.


Tight End

Hunter Henry ($4900)

Tight End has been such a wasteland this year. Which shouldn’t be all that shocking. It usually isn’t, even in redrafts. Unless you were reaching in the early rounds for the likes of Kelce, Kittle or Ertz you were more than likely waiting towards the middle or back ends of rounds to draft a TE and now you’re just streaming the position (which BTW is OKAY). But then you have guys that have the potential but just haven’t lived up to them. I present Exhibit A, Hunter Henry. Now, the thing to remember about Henry is that his upside hasn’t been capped by bad execution or playing on a bad team. Okay, so the Chargers of Los Angeles aren’t particularly great but that’s a whole other conversation. Henry has been hit by the injury bug. A LOT. Last season he was pegged as a breakout candidate with Antonio Gates finally gone. What happens, tears his ACL in offseason workouts. Done for 2018. This year, knee fracture, week 1. You cried, I cried, my dynasty teams cried, we were all a big blubbering mess. But thankfully all has not been lost as Henry returned in week 6 playing at 66% of the snaps and then following that up with 91% snap rate last week. His stat lines in those games, 8-100-2 on nine targets and 6-97 on eight targets. He’s back and he’s doing exactly what we expected him to do last year. Better late than never, right? This week he faces a Bears defense that is quite TE friendly. Over the last two games, the Bears have given up stat lines of 3-43-1 to Josh Hill and a combined 8-85 to Darren Waller and Foster Moreau. They also rank eighth-worst vs TEs via FO and allow 13.5pts to TE-PPR via 4for4. Hunter Henry is no zombie, but he’s certainly risen from the dead. Take advantage of his cheap 4.9k price tag before he goes north of 5k and never returns. You’re welcome.

Thanks for checking out my top DraftKings Week 8 GPP stacks and players! Be sure to come back all season and let me help you win money! Follow me @PacingPete on Twitter and check out all our DFS and redraft content at TFA!

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