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NFL DFS Bargain Hunting: Week 9

NFL DFS Bargain Hunting

Cutting coupons. It’s a tedious task. You sift through the online ads or sit at the dining room table with your scissors and circular. You go to the store with your clippings or print outs and search for your items. It’s not fun by any means, but the work is justified by the money you save at the end of a trip. Some people will even go as far as to shop around at several stores to truly find the best deal. Some think it’s crazy. Why not fork over a little extra money to save some time? Trust me, I get it. However, I will never argue with anyone who is trying to save a little extra change, especially in DFS. And thankfully, we aren’t doing any actual grocery shopping this week.  Enjoy my NFL DFS Bargain Hunting for week 9. 

QUARTERBACK – Mitchell Trubisky

DraftKings $5,000 $50,000 10%
Fanduel $6,500 $60,000 10.8%
FantasyDraft $10,000 $100,000 10%

Mitchell Trubiksy has struggled throughout the first half of the year. He did exit the Bears’ week four tilt with the Vikings and subsequently missed week five, but when he has been able to play, the results haven’t been stellar. A quarterback change could be on the horizon, but for now, the Bears are rolling with the former #2 overall pick. This week he will face a weak Eagles’ secondary on the road. Quarterbacks have feasted on these Eagles pass defenders so far this season, excluding games like last week’s bad weather tilt in Buffalo and a matchup against Luke Falk. Maybe Trubisky finds his footing in Philadelphia. While we haven’t seen Trubisky’s rushing ability on display this season, Josh Allen hung 45 yards on the Eagles on the ground last week. Taking a page out of the Bills’ book would be wise. The stud running backs this week will probably force you to pay down at quarterback. Trubisky may be just the guy.  Also, consider Ryan Fitzpatrick or Matt Moore if Patrick Mahomes can’t go. 

RUNNING BACK – Phillip Lindsay

DraftKings $5,300 $50,000 10.6%
Fanduel $6,200 $60,000 10.3%
FantasyDraft $9,500 $100,000 9.5%

After a ridiculous season from an efficiency standpoint last year, many people expected Phillip Lindsay to be one of this season’s primary regression candidates. While he has definitely come down to Earth from his eye-popping 5.4 yards per carry, he has still been heavily involved in the Broncos’ attack. The 1-2 punch of him and Royce Freeman has been one of the bright spots on a rather dim Broncos’ season. This week Lindsay will face a Browns team who has been getting gutted on the ground. With Brandon Allen also under center now, I think it is fair to expect a couple more targets to go Lindsay and Freeman’s way. Even if the Browns get out to a big lead, both of the guys mentioned above are game-script proof with their receiving roles. 

WIDE RECEIVER – Preston Williams

DraftKings $4,200 $50,000 8.4%
Fanduel $5,500 $60,000 9.1%
FantasyDraft $9,200 $100,000 9.2%

Preston Williams burst onto the scene this preseason. A rookie receiver who hails from Colorado State, Williams has been getting his fair share of targets in this Dolphins’ offense. He is averaging 7.3 targets per game, and while this Dolphins offense is nothing to get excited about, you may need to give Williams a look this week. If you like revenge narratives, Ryan Fitzpatrick is in line to face one of his former teams this week in the New York Jets. If we see some FitzMagic this Sunday, Williams could be a primary beneficiary. He is cheap across the industry but is a massive bargain on DraftKings, which as we know is full point PPR. 

TIGHT END – Dallas Goedert

DraftKings $3,100 $50,000 6.2%
Fanduel $5,000 $60,000 8.3%
FantasyDraft $6,000 $100,000 6%

Second-year tight end Dallas Goedert is starting to gain traction as a solid piece of the Eagles’ offense. While Zach Ertz is still clearly the TE1 on Philadelphia, it is worth noting that Goedert’s role has been on the rise. He has at least three targets in each of the past five games and five-plus in two of those five. He also has back to back weeks with a touchdown. Rostering Goedert this week feels thin, but those top tier running backs are going to cost you. Fanduel has caught up to the production, but DraftKings and FantasyDraft are way behind. 

DEFENSE – Carolina Panthers

DraftKings $2,800 $50,000 5.6%
Fanduel $4,000 $60,000 6.6%
FantasyDraft $5,600 $100,000 5.6%

The Cleveland Browns figure to be the chalk defense this week when they head to Denver to face Brandon Allen. I think the Carolina Panthers should give them a run for their money with them also being a cheaper price on both DraftKings and Fanduel. After getting smoked in San Francisco, the Panthers return home to face Ryan Tannehill and the Titans. The Panthers should have a little extra motivation to go along with their league-leading 4.3 sacks per game. Also, the Titans are second to last in the league in sacks allowed per game with 4.2. It sounds like a perfect storm for the Panthers’ defense to me.


Check back next week for my NFL DFS Bargain Hunting article for week 10!

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