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NFL DFS Stack Attack: Week 4

There are only a couple of game stacks that stand out this week for tournaments. In the first three weeks we had access to much higher game totals and explosive offenses. This week has much less of that. However, there are a couple game stacks that we can look to take advantage of this week in tournaments. Here are a couple high upside stacks that I am looking at this week.

Watson – $6300

Fuller – $6800

Ebron – $3600

33% of team salary

I was all in on Watson last week and I am not afraid to go right back to the well. With Fuller on the field, Watson is a completely different QB. Fuller has also expanded his route tree this year and is not solely a deep threat. The Colts play zone about 75% of the time, so I expect Fuller to be able to find the holes in the zone and make plays with his explosiveness in the yards after the catch department. The great thing about playing Watson is he really only has two reliable pass catchers in Fuller and Hopkins, so we know exactly who to pair him with.

On the other side of this game, Doyle is slated to miss another game. Last week Ebron saw 11 targets with Doyle out. The Texans are also vulnerable against the TE, and I expect Luck to continue to rely on the TE position heavily as he is not attempting to work the ball down the field very often. Ebron is cheap on both sites and makes a ton of sense here as a correlation play.

Ryan $6100

Julio – $8200

Eifert – $3800

36% of team salary

The Julio goes nuclear game is coming. I think this is the week we get it. Ridley just went nuclear last week, and is becoming a great young talent in the league. This leads to defenses having to treat Ridley as a capable receiver and not key on Julio as heavily. The Falcons also face a Bengals team that have been surrendering points to everyone at home in the dome. This is the highest game total of the week, and not having exposure to this game is a mistake. Everyone is going to play Ridley in tournaments due to his cheap price. You can leverage off of the Ridley teams by paying up for Julio.

Regarding the correlation play in this game, I think AJ Green is the most popular Bengal pass catcher. I will look to stack this game, but in a completely different way than everyone else is. By taking Julio from the Falcons and Eifert from the Bengals, you are getting lower owned exposure to the highest total game. Eifert (outside of Gio) has the best matchup on the Bengals. The Falcons have lost both starting safeties and a starting LB. These are the two positions that cover TEs, so look for Eifert to be constantly matched up on backup defenders.

Rodgers – $6800

Adams – $7800

Graham – $4500

38% of team salary

On a week where nobody is going to play Aaron Rodgers at home, that is when you want to play him. The Bills have shown that they are vulnerable through the air as they were dismantled by the Ravens and the Chargers. The Packers are likely to be without Cobb in this game, so that places a bigger emphasis on the other pass catchers, mainly Adams and Graham. In a game where Rodgers could throw four or five TDs, I want to pair him with his favorite red zone targets. Adams and Graham are the two he will look to once he gets close to the end zone. Feel free to stack the Packers at lower ownership than you should get them at. Jimmy Graham has not caught a TD yet and that is likely to change this week. You don’t need to pair them with any Bills as Rodgers usually doesn’t show too much mercy on opposing teams.

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