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NFL Preseason DFS Primer

Preseason DFS

NFL Preseason DFS tends to scare some players away due to the uncertainty of playing time and lack of knowledge regarding depth charts and coaching philosophies.

In this article, I’m going to dive into the reasons why Preseason NFL DFS is a great opportunity to build a good bankroll for the regular season action.

1. ROOKIE MISTAKES: The Preseason allows dedicated DFS players to take advantage of amateur players for multiple reasons. A lot of amateur players enter DFS slates and see a player’s name with a lot of merit like “Aaron Rodgers” on their player list and choose him to be their QB in week 1 of the preseason. Now we all know that Rodgers won’t be seeing a single snap in that week 1 game, but that already gives us an advantage against 5-10% of the field. Last year, Rodgers was used in 8% of my 50/50 lineups in preseason of week 1 last season. He was also used in 7% of my tournament entries.

2. KEEP IN TOUCH: Another way diehard DFS players have an upper hand on amateur players is the inside information regarding training camp battles and injury report news. It is extremely important to follow as many beat writers as possible for all 32 NFL teams. Amateur players may follow their favorite teams extremely close, but being able to follow every team closely gives you a significant leg up on the competition.

3. COACHING PHILOSOPHIES: Understanding coaching philosophies is extremely important. Some coaches use the preseason to get young players exposure and to experiment with lineups. Other coaches have a “must win” attitude and take the games more serious than others. Pete Carroll is a coach, who’s preseason history says that he is in “must win” mode during this time of year. He is 30-14 in his career and has a history of letting starters play more often than most teams to get reps and establish a winning culture. The same can be said for the 11-2 Mike Zimmer.

Coaches like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid put less of a focus on winning games. Both have records slightly above .500, but they put a lot of focus on increasing snap counts and experimenting on offense. Reid’s O/U record is 40/31 while Belichek’s O/U record is 53/36. When I see teams with high scoring betting tendencies I am more willing to roster back up players on these teams because the betting history shows that they will have more opportunities to score.

4. DFS PRESEASON: It is a great way to get in the DFS groove and allows us to experiment with research techniques and lineup construction philosophies before the real deal gets here. I always found it extremely important to find a research strategy that works for you and your busy life outside of DFS. Bet a bit lighter, have some fun and find what works for you!

I will be using all of this information to provide you week by week analysis of some of my favorite options at each position throughout the Preseason.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you in some Preseason contests.

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