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Wide Receiver Matchups: DFS Picks Week 3

The last two weeks of the NFL have closely resembled the typical high scoring games and shootouts that you can catch on a Saturday – and this week we should see more of the same. This week’s DFS wide receiver picks are juicy target hogs and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Seven of the wide receivers in this article have size advantages and all eight are graded at an average 17 points higher than their matchup according to Pro Football Focus (PFF).

Wide Receiver Choices

Michael Thomas (NO) vs. Robert Alford (ATL)

Draft Kings $8900/Fan Duel $9000 – Projected @ 21.2 pts.

Going into week 3, Michael Thomas should be every DFS player’s favorite wide receiver. He is currently the #1 wide receiver in fantasy points this season – 71 points (35.5 avg. per game). Not only is Thomas an elite receiver with a PFF grade of 91.9, but he’s also a big dude at 75 inches tall and 212 pounds. This week he faces Robert Alford who PFF graded at a respectable – but not stellar – 77.4. He is also a lot smaller than Thomas at only 70 inches tall and 186 pounds.

Vegas is predicting around 53 total points of offense, with Atlanta winning by 3 ( There should be a lot of points in this one, and Thomas should eat up a good share of them.

A.J. Green (CIN) vs. James Bradberry (CAR)

Draft Kings $7500/Fan Duel $8600 – Projected @ 17.6 pts.

A.J. Green also paid off in DFS last week. He was the #5 WR with 30 points and finished with an outstanding 11/161/4 (PFF). Green earns a very high .48 fantasy points per route (FP/R) and PFF gives him an impressive 83.4 grade. His matchup this week is James Bradberry, who earns only .36FP/R and PFF grades at disappointing 54.2. The Panthers are giving up a modest 31.1 fantasy points per game to wide receivers this season (PFF). With Green’s three-inch advantage and his better talent than Bradberry, he is in line for another big week.

Adam Thielen (MIN) vs. Rafael Bush (BUF)

Draft Kings $7800/Fan Duel $8200 – Projected @ 16.9 pts.

Adam Thielen sticks out as a top wide receiver with one of the best matchups this week. I didn’t want to feature him in this article two weeks in a row, but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t.

It’s no secret that the Bills are HORRIBLE this year, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see a Vikings wide receiver on this list. (Hint: Stefon Diggs is also another great pick this week, but I know this isn’t a Vikings fan blog). Thielen goes head-to-head with Rafael Bush – who are graded at 82.5 to 55.9, respectively. Bush is also 3 inches shorter than Thielen and only earns .39 FP/R to Thielen’s .45 FP/R. Hands down talent and size should win this one.

Mid-Range W
ide Receiver Matchups

Golden Tate (DET) vs. Jonathan Jones (NE)

Draft Kings $6800/Fan Duel $6800 – Projected @ 15.4 pts.

New England is giving up 42.7 points to wide receivers this season and their slot coverage isn’t going to do them any favors this week against Detroit. Golden Tate is a very good wide receiver with a PFF grade of 80.7 who earns an average .41 FP/R. Although he is similar in size to Patriot cornerback Jonathan Jones, he has a PFF grade of 71.6 and earns only .32 FP/R. Jones has already given up a touchdown team-high 106 yards after the catch (PFF). Golden Tate is a great option this week at $6800.

Allen Robinson II (CHI) vs. Jamar Taylor (ARZ)

Draft Kings $5400/Fan Duel $6500– Projected @ 13.8 pts.

Allen Robinson is another guy who is making his appearance on this list two weeks in a row. This will be the second week in a row that Robinson outsizes his opponent. He stands four inches taller and weighs 19 more pounds than Arizona’s Jamar Taylor. Robinson is the more talented player with a PFF grade of a 73.6 and .37 FP/R versus Taylor’s grade of 56.2 and .32 FP/R. Also, Robinson is the prime WR target – he’s played 95.6% of snaps and received 52.5% of the WR targets this season (PFF). His volume and the mismatch should make for an excellent outing.

Pierre Garcon (SF) vs. Orlando Scandrick (KC)

Draft Kings $5300/Fan Duel $5600 – Projected @ 11.3 pts.

These teams are going to make it rain fantasy points – so be sure to get a piece of the action. reports the game is projected at 54 points. And Kansas City gives up the second most fantasy points to wide receivers – an average of 53.9. That means the San Francisco will be playing from behind, so their receiving corps is looking mighty fine this week. Pierre Garcon is a great DFS pick since he’s matched up against Orlando Scandrick. Garcon is bigger – 2 inches taller and weighs 15 more pounds – and has a PFF grade of 75.4 versus Scandrick’s 51.9.

Penny Pinching Wide Receiver Picks

Michael Crabtree (BAL) vs. Adam Jones (DEN)

Draft Kings $5000/Fan Duel $6400 – Projected @ 12.7 pts.

Baltimore is on a roll this year, and it seems that Joe Flacco is showing the world he still has it. The Ravens are favored to win this game ( and Michael Crabtree is going to help make it happen. Crabtree has the advantage with three inches and 30 pounds more than his matchup Adam Jones. Even though Jones is slightly faster than Crabtree, Crabtree is more talented. He has a PFF grade of 68.6 and earns .41 FP/R compared to Jones’ grade of 55.2 and .31 PP/R. Crabtree has seen 34.8% of targets and Denver is currently giving up 38.6 fantasy points to wide receivers per game (PFF). He’s a good pick in the lower-mid tier this week.

Tyler Boyd (CIN) vs. Captain Munnerlyn (CAR)

Draft Kings $3700/Fan Duel $4700 – Projected @ 8.3 pts.

The “Red Rifle” Andy Dalton is another quarterback that is coming back from the dead this year and his receivers are reaping the benefits. (Hint: Dalton’s a great streaming option this week in case you didn’t notice two Bengal receivers on this list.) Last week, Tyler Boyd came out of DFS irrelevance with 21 fantasy points (PFF) for his owners. This week is shaping up to be a close game with a lot of yards in the air – especially with Mixon out. Week 3 looks good for Boyd since he has a favorable wide receiver matchup against Carolina’s Captain Munnerlyn. Boyd has a whopping 5 inches on Munnerlyn and a PFF grade of 63.6 over Munnerlyn’s 59. Tyler Boyd is a solid option if you are on a tight budget.

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