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The NFL Draft is behind us.  The long road leading to the start of the regular season has begun.  It’s always hard to sort through all of the player profiles, the sleeper lists, the empty talk from coaches, and all of the “metrics” that people throw around as if they’re God’s gift to fantasy sports.

Well, I’m sorry.  I can’t help you sort through all that mess.  What I can do is supply you with a pre-summer-craziness list of rookie rankings that should be tested against the consensus.  It should prompt you to research.  It should prompt you to ask questions, actually watch some more college tape, and get to know the players that can make or break your dynasty (or even re-draft) rosters.

I don’t care if you’re a critically acclaimed fantasy sports writer or Joe Shmoe from Horse Cave, Kentucky (yes, that’s a real place, look it up). I don’t care if you think I’m a moron because I ranked one of your guys too low.  What’s the point of looking at any rookie rankings list anyway, if not to learn from another person’s perspective?

These rankings aren’t perfect.  No one’s are.  My hope is that you use these rankings to further shape your own opinions as you move towards your drafts this summer.  Notice where you disagree, and ask yourself why that is.

Most importantly, use these rankings for what they are.  They are rookie rankings based upon months of research, directing you when and where to take players this year in your rookie drafts.  They’re also just one piece of your puzzle for this off-season.  They’re just one more tool you have in your pocket to prepare yourself to absolutely annihilate your leagues.

As always, if you have any questions on any player on this list reach out to me via Twitter @FF_TravisM.  I’m always up for some solid player discussion.  Enjoy!

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He's married to his beautiful wife, Kelsey. Purdue University Class of 2011. Boiler Up! Lives in Nashville, TN. Titans fan (sympathetic gifts accepted). Works on music row by day. Writes about fantasy football by night. He plays club ultimate frisbee because it's awesome. He longboards to work because he can. Find him on Twitter @FF_TravisM.

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1 Comment

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