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2020 Dynasty Buy or Sell: Week 6

2020 dynasty buy or sell week 6 todd gurley

In dynasty, you usually have three types of owners: The “Win-Now” owners, who trade off all their youth and assets to go for that Championship. The “Wait-and-See” owners, who have a decent mix of veterans and rookies who could flip their team either way as the season progresses. Lastly, you have the “Rebuilders”, who sell off everyone who is 26 years or older and who invest heavily in rookies, draft picks, and (potentially) devy players. This article series is for every one of those categories! The dynasty season never ends, and you can build your team however you see fit. It is like Franchise Mode in video games! As the season goes on, injuries happen, depth charts get flipped, and UDFA’s become the superstars no one knew they could be. Let us see the options for Week 6 in this edition of The Fantasy Authority’s 2020 Dynasty Buy or Sell!

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Todd Gurley, RB, Atlanta Falcons – @Werpsu26

This week’s buy is an oldie but a goodie.  Todd Gurley has been the model of consistency this year, and over the last two weeks, has turned into an excellent fantasy asset going for 16/57/2 and 14/121/1 in the previous two weeks.  While not adding a significant amount to the passing game, his rushing stats are more than acceptable for an RB1 on most fantasy squads.  Add to that the fact that the next three weeks, he will be facing three teams near the bottom of the league in rush defense – Minnesota (24th), Detroit (32nd), and Carolina (25th).  The schedule sets up nicely for Gurley to continue his above-average production.

The nice thing about Gurley is that he seems to have a reputation as a liability in fantasy.  Most of this is due to his injury history and is understandable, but it is something that we can use to our advantage in an acquisition.  I find most Gurley owners are not relying on him as their RB1 out of fear of those past injuries, so chances are he is tradable.  Use this scenario to get him on your roster by offering up a late first or maybe an up and coming young WR that you have and can afford to move.  Gurley is looking at three weeks of concrete production and a mostly favorable schedule past that. I want Gurley on my team if I’m a contender.

Buy Price: Mid to late first

Sell Price: Early to mid-first plus a second


Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – @Clubber_Lang83

Chris GODwin has slowly faded off the radar of many people since he has missed three games this season due to a hamstring strain. He is coming off of a 2019 season where he was the overall WR2, after 86 catches, 1,333 yards, 9 TD’s; to include the 3rd most receiving yards and 2nd overall with 95.2 receiving yards per game. He’s a beast and he is only 24 years old. You need to buy him right now because I don’t think his value will be lower than it is at this point in time and in this COVID-riddled season, dynasty owners are not thinking clearly. They are putting players like Godwin, Michael Thomas, Aaron Jones, and so many others on the block. It just doesn’t make sense, so use their misguided thinking to your advantage. Godwin had 13 targets, 11 catches, 143 yards, and a TD in the two games that he played and seemed to be Brady’s first look in passing situations. Brady won’t be around forever, but Godwin will just keep improving. If someone puts him on the trading block, buy him!!!

Buy Price:  Two 1st round picks
Sell Price:  A top 5 pick


Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs – @JeremiahStewar3

Even if Le’Veon Bell signs in Kansas City (KC), I still want Clyde Edwards-Helaire (CEH) in all my leagues. He may be pint-sized and lack the collegiate success many require but he has the one trait you can’t measure… HE IS GOOD AT FOOTBALL. The bowling ball has shown he belongs in this league through the first five games despite not being as involved in the passing game as the experts expected. He is currently tenth in rushing yards (344), seventh in attempts (81), and has over 60% of the team’s offensive snaps in each game. By today’s standards, that makes him a workhorse running back. Something only James Robinson and he can claim as rookies. Just like targets with wide receivers, snap percentage is a great way to forecast a breakout amongst running backs. Being on the field means the coach and QB trust you.

Now, Bell signing in KC will affect his 2020 but I am not convinced it will be as big of a dent as everyone else will. Bell could easily see the snaps that Darrell Williams and Darwin Thompson was getting and take 5 carries from CEH a game. That still means CEH will be an RB2 for the rest of the year and that’s IF Bell shows he can still play. I will be all about sending offers for panicked CEH owners and fully expect him to finish strong.

Buy Price: Two 1st round picks
Sell Price:  Hold




Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs – @Werpsu26

Dynasty is all about value capitalization – get the most production out of your players and balance that with selling at the right time.  This strategy brings us to my sell, Clyde Edwards-Helaire.  I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.  First, let’s look at the raw production numbers.  CEH came out of the box on fire going for 25/138/1 rushing, for approximately 25 points depending on your scoring system.  But since week one, CEH has rushed for 206 yards (51 yards per game average) and zero touchdowns.  Now I am in no way calling CEH a bust. CEH is a good back in a great spot.  What I am saying is that the hype is too high, but that’s okay – capitalize on it!

I did a poll on Twitter asking who you prefer; CEH and a first, Barkley and a second, or CMC. CEH won the poll with nearly 50% of the vote, which was about three weeks ago.  Currently, he has an overall ADP of five and is ranked as high as third in overall dynasty assets.  All of this tells me it’s already time to sell.  With his current value, you could find a deal where you get a Gurley type back and rookie WR Ceedee Lamb in exchange for CEH.  If I’m a contender, I take that deal all day.  If I am in a rebuild, I could get as many as four first-round picks, depending on where they fall, for CEH.  Given the talent in the 2021 class, I want that deal.

I think CEH will have a fine career, but I think his value is already at its ceiling.  If I am a contender or rebuilding, I can make my team better by capitalizing on that value.

Buy Price: I’m not paying the current ask

Sell Price: Multiple firsts (up to 4) or two quality players


Darrell Henderson, RB, Los Angeles Rams – @Clubber_Lang83

Me and approximately three other people were the only ones who were high on Henderson entering this season. Time for one of those famous @CKutzerFF victory laps! And now that the lap is over, sell! Everyone else was on Cam Akers, but I thought that at the beginning of the year that since Henderson sat behind Gurley and got to learn Sean McVay’s offense, Henderson was going to have the advantage heading into the season. When Akers was out in Week 3, Henderson went off for 20 carries, 114 yards, and a TD. He laid a bit of a dud the last two weeks, but McVay still says he has the hot hand. He got 15 carries to Akers nine carries in Week 5, yet has had a paltry 2.5 ypc. You must sell him now! His value is about to fall into a precipice and Akers is going to soon take over this backfield. Malcolm Brown isn’t a threat to either Henderson or Akers, but I think the writings on the wall. Henderson had his shot to take the reigns over this backfield and laid an egg. Sell him as soon as you are done reading this paragraph! Barring an injury to Akers, he may be headed to the fantasy morgue.

Buy Price:  A 3rd round pick
Sell Price:  An earlier 3rd round pick or higher


Chase Claypool, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers – @JeremiahStewar3

Claypool was one of my pre-draft sleepers and when he went to the Steelers I had mixed emotions.

1. Pittsburgh has done wonderful things with their second-round wide receivers.

2. He was going to be buried behind 3 other very good second-round wide receivers in Juju, Washington, and my personal favorite, Diontae Johnson.

I did my best to snatch him up in every league and thus far, he has produced like a mad man when he gets targets. His week five explosion of seven receptions, 110 yards, and four touchdowns has put him on everyone’s map, and for good reason. He has the prototype “Mega-WR” build and measurables and is in one of the most WR friendly offenses known to man. I can’t think of the last time a Ben Roethlisberger WR didn’t finish in the top ten at their position. The reason is I think he is a sell is simple, he has way too much competition for targets to be consistent and Diontae and Juju are Ben’s top targets. It also doesn’t help that Diontae was hurt the entire game. I’d recommend selling now and wait until his value falls back down to trade back for him. You should totally save at least one share of this guy though just in case. It’s just smarter to get a value win where you can.

Buy Price: Late 1st/Early 2nd round pick
Sell Price: Mid to late 1st round pick


Thanks for reading our 2020 Dynasty Buy or Sell: Week 6 article! Drop a comment to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to check out The Fantasy Authority YouTube channel where we have video content for ALL of your fantasy football needs!

CJ was born and raised in New England. He has been active duty Air Force for the past 18 years and is an avid fantasy football fanatic. He has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Louisville and is finishing his MBA from Western Kentucky University. When he is not spending time with his beautiful wife & daughter, he is immersed in dynasty and devy leagues. You can find him on Twitter & Instagram @Clubber_Lang83.

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