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2020 Dynasty Risers and Fallers – Week 2

dynasty risers and fallers week 2 joshua kelley

Welcome back to my Dynasty Risers and Fallers article for Week 2! You can think of this article as an additional dynasty trade target resource, or players you should be buying on their way up or selling on their way down. Let me know what you think by reaching out to me on Twitter after you check this out!



Cam Newton, QB NEP

What is this, 2016? The former MVP, left for dynasty dead all offseason, is currently the overall QB3 after week 2. He is 8th in passing yards, averaging 60 yds rushing per game, and has 4 rushing touchdowns! The goal line touchdown machine is back and playing for a coach that seems to cater to his style. He isn’t getting many passing touchdowns, but you really don’t need to when you can just run everything in from inside the 5-yard line yourself.

SF Buy Price – Mid 2021 1st if you’re a contender.
SF Sell Price – Multiple 1sts

Jonathon Taylor, RB IND
The most talented RB in this draft went to a team loaded with offensive line talent but he would have to split time with a contract year RB. Sounds like a nightmare for consistency, right? Well after week 1, Marlon Mack went down with a torn Achilles and the team seemed to forget they had Nyheim Hines week 2. You might remember him, if you don’t, check out the “Risers” section of my last article where I proclaimed him the next Austin Ekeler. Well, all that was Hines getting 1 touch on only 9 snaps. Taylor, meanwhile, was in on 67% of their snaps and out-touched the Colts other two RB’s 26 to 10. Maybe it’s game script but I’m elevating Taylor into my 2nd tier of RB’s along with Jacobs and CEH. All of them could end up as top 5 assets before the end of the season.

Buy Price – 3 1sts
Sell Price – 4 1sts

Joshua Kelley, RB LAC
It’s Ekeler’s team but Kelley, going in the 3rd round of most dynasty rookie drafts, has carved himself a nice role in one of the more productive committees in the league. After Justin Jackson got injured week 1, Kelley was awarded with 52% of the team’s snaps week 2 along with 23 carries. That’s quite the workload and it’s likely to continue since Ekeler seems to max out around 60% usage. I like him to be a high-end RB2 and a great spot start if you’re having depth issues like everyone else this season.

Buy Price – 2nd Round pick
Sell Price – Early 2nd

Diontae Johnson, WR PIT
This is a guy that I should have been targeting in every league all offseason. Johnson is an exceptional route runner and it seems the Steelers’ coaches are looking to give him the old Antonio Brown role. Well, I only got him in a couple of leagues and now I’m regretting it. His 23 targets through two games leads the Steelers and after last week, it’s obvious they love this guy. Even with his early success, he still hasn’t reached his full value and I think he is a great buy-low candidate. I would be absolutely surprised if he isn’t a top 10 WR this season. Start him with confidence and trade for him where you can. Just don’t come to me because I’m not trading him.

Buy Price – mid 1st (Buy him everywhere)
Sell Price – Don’t


Calvin Ridley, WR ATL
This is obvious, right? You’re seeing the same things I am? Ridley currently leads the league in scoring by 15 pts over Hopkins and is in an offense that is going to throw the ball 35+ times a game. I think the world knew a coming-out season was close but I doubt they expected him to be the WR1 on his own team let alone the overall WR1. I still think Julio will end up as the high scorer on that team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they both finish the season as top 12 WR’s. We could be looking at this year’s Godwin/Evans. Ridley is the frontrunner to lead the league in touchdowns and I’m buying him wherever I can.

Buy Price – 2 1sts
Sell Price – 3 1sts


Mike Gesicki, TE MIA
If you read my article about Hock and Fant last week, the same talking points apply here. Gesicki is a young talent that is finally being included in his team’s offense and he hasn’t disappointed. He leads the Dolphins in yards, targets, and touchdowns and currently ranks as the TE6. An athletic 6’6” power forward style TE, he figures to continue being heavily involved in the passing game. Both Devante Parker and Preston Williams have been banged up so look for Gesicki to finish this season as a top 8 TE.

Buy Price – Late 1st
Sell Price – Mid 1st



Carson Wentz, QB PHI
This poor guy. He just can never get a break with his receivers. Reagor and DJax have been in and out of the lineup and now Reagor will be out for several weeks. Wentz has always been able to produce fantasy-wise thanks to his RB’s and TE’s, but this year seems to feature him struggling mightily. I’m still a believer since even the best QBs have down seasons but I wouldn’t count on him being a top 10 QB like he was being valued at. They need to move Ertz for some OLine help and draft a big-bodied WR that can stay healthy.

SF Buy Price – Mid 1st
SF Sell Price – Early 1st (I’m holding personally)


Todd Gurley, RB ATL
Sorry truthers, the change of scenery didn’t help. I’m not sure why going from a Sean McVay offense to a passing offense made the truthers think he would somehow gain value and production. Plodding along at 3.3 yards per carry and only receiving 5 targets in a pass-happy offense are signs of what everyone has seen – he just isn’t the same running back he used to be. If you own Gurley, I’d try to flip him after a big game and move on from the headache.

Buy Price – late 2nd
Sell Price – Any 2nd


AJ Dillon, RB GBP

The other Quad God hasn’t been involved nearly as much as everyone expected. Jamaal Williams is still holding onto his role as the RB2 and Jones is still doing his thing as a stud. I’m not going to lie, I am one of the people that think Jones is just a JAG in an elite offense and Dillon was primed to come in and make him expendable. Fellow 2017 running backs got paid this offseason and Jones was one of the few productive guys that didn’t get an extension. My thought: The Packers were fine with letting him play out his final year and see what they have in Dillon. That’s hard to imagine playing out now when Dillon is hardly seeing the field with only 12 snaps in 2 weeks. Maybe he still gets the reigns, but it isn’t happening anytime soon.

Buy Price – Early 3rd
Sell Price – Mid 2nd or hold


Michael Gallup, WR DAL
Too many mouths at the table and not enough food. Gallup is currently sitting in 5th place on his own team for targets with only 108 yds and zero touchdowns. Any production is going to be boom or bust for Gallup going forward. He will be a better best ball asset, but you can safely bench him over more consistent WRs going forward. Without injury to Amari or Lamb, Gallup is a hold and hope.

Buy Price – Early 2nd
Sell Price – Any 1st


DJ Chark, WR JAC
Chark will most likely be on the riser list at some point this year but he isn’t really living up to expectations. Chark is tied for 4th on the team in targets with Eifert and behind Cole, Shenault, and Conley. Though he leads the team in yards, Chark isn’t getting the target share we all expected. If he continues this pace, his value is going to plummet exponentially.

Buy Price – Mid 1st
Sell Price – Early 1st


Austin Hooper, TE CLE
Poor guy. Well, not really. This is what you get when you take money over a good landing spot. A run-first offense with a sketchy QB and too many mouths isn’t an ideal spot to land for production. I was a Hooper stan until the day he signed with Cleveland. Only 6 targets through 2 weeks and just 37 yards and zero touchdowns. Yikes. Even if this team starts to play from behind a lot, which is likely, garbage time isn’t going to mean consistent production when Landry, OBJ, and Hunt are higher on the target pole than Austin.

Buy Price – Any 3rd
Sell Price – Hold

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