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2021 Rookie State of the Union: Quarterbacks

My fellow fantasy players, dynasty and redraft your team will thrive and dive on 2021 rookie quarterbacks when the time comes.


Even though its August and leagues are either finishing drafts or making last-minute touches on rosters you need to be able to plan for each outcome to the season. If you go into sell mode in a down year do you target rookies or established players? This state of the union series is here to help clear that up.


Over the next two weeks, I will be reviewing the state of the 2021 rookie class by position group so that if worse to wear then you know exactly how to start the rebuild process for your team.


First, up will be the signal callers, the franchise players, the big money makers, obviously the quarterbacks.


Over the last three seasons, there have been 34 quarterbacks drafted over the three days of each draft, only five have finished in the top 24 their rookie season. Most notably, Kyler Murray is the only QB1 finisher over those years.


Now to answer the question of what quarterbacks show the potential and traits to maybe join that exclusive group. 


Spoiler, these names shouldn’t come across as “shocking”.


Trevor Lawrence, Clemson


Seems obvious right? Trevor Lawrence projects to be the first overall pick in next year’s draft and would be expected to make a day one instant impact on whatever team lands him. Current odds have the Jaguars slated to draft first next year but I feel the fighting Minshew’s, by the way do not draft him in round one, won’t be that bad.


Other landing spots for quarterbacks are Carolina and but you may have teams like the Jets and Browns being thrown into the mix as well if they do not see a big next step from Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.


Lawrence on any of the teams mentioned would have fun targets at several skill positions. I mean can we just take a minute to appreciate a Lawrence to Christian McCaffrey connection? 


Anywhere he goes he has QB1 potential right away, he is worth the high draft pick capital and number one pick in superflex leagues as he is the bell of the ball for 2021 rookie quarterbacks. 


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Justin Fields, Ohio State


Justin Fields transferred to Ohio State after not being able to take the starting job from, now Buffalo Bill, Jake Fromm. Expectations were all over the place because he had been the number one recruit of his class, ranked ahead of Trevor Lawrence even, and he completely shattered any expectation people had set on him.


Fields displayed General Eisenhower like decision making, great vision running, and a talented arm that has strength and accuracy to all levels of the field. Overall he is a top ten player in this upcoming draft class and will be sought after by teams needing a quarterback.


Teams I mentioned above like the Bears and Carolina would be tremendous fits from a fantasy standpoint. His legs will make him even more valuable from that perspective, maybe even ahead of eventual number one pick Trevor Lawrence.


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Trey Lance, North Dakota State


The greatest anomaly of this quarterback class, Trey Lance came onto the scene and didn’t throw a single interception and led North Dakota State to another FCS National Title. He displays tremendous vision as a runner and throws a very accurate and catchable ball on top of it all. 


His arm strength hasn’t been displayed too much and the level of competition after potentially one year is a slight concern but NFL teams won’t care, the kid can play


Lance, like Fields, will be extra valuable in fantasy because of the running aspect in his game but the only worry is I could see a team like Las Vegas where he could sit a year or partial year. Obviously, in redraft that may hurt but his true value will lie in dynasty and superflex leagues. 


The kid is a baller in every sense of the word but he still has some question marks to address with scouts and teams but on the shortlist to head the 2021 rookie quarterbacks.

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