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Adam Gase is the Biggest Liability in Fantasy Football

Since 2016, Adam Gase and his Jets, previously of the Miami Dolphins, has become the biggest liability in fantasy football. Was he the offensive coordinator for the high scoring Broncos’ teams led by Peyton Manning? Yes. Manning though is the ultimate coverup for bad play calling or design with the way he can make adjustments at the line. No one can or has replicated that since and thus we are seeing the real Adam Gase.


Gase rode the production from Peyton Manning all the way to South Beach in 2016 where he was given the keys to grooming a young quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. The result then? Tannehill was traded for a day three draft pick and Gase was sent packing. 


Without Manning in Miami with him, Gase couldn’t create anything special with an offense that had younger and talented guys like Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi. Time and again the offense would sputter and stall to the point ownership had enough and fired him.


Ironically enough he would end up in New York with the division rival Jets where again he was tasked with grooming and helping a young, promising quarterback and offense develop into a contender. With Sam Darnold being a high draft pick and showing flashes with a defensive-minded coach previously they knew they had something. They built around him and paid big money for Le’Veon Bell who, at the time, averaged more yards per game than any player in NFL history.


Through one season with them, he has not shown progression with Darnold and Co. but rather a regression to the point where the Jets are in the talk of drafting draft darling Trevor Lawrence.


Think I am being crazy? Maybe a bit harsh? Let’s look at the numbers by position through week two of this season.


Quarterbacks Production


Ryan Tannehill, 13.7 PPG

Jay Cutler, 11.3 PPG

Matt Moore 12 PPG

Sam Darnold 13.3 PPG


As I mentioned, Adam Gase with the Jets was supposed to take Darnold to the next step. Darnold average 13 PPG before Gase arrived and since he has brought that up to 13.7…


Audio | The Fantasy Authority Podcast


Running Backs Production


Jay Ajayi, 14.8 PPG

Kenyan Drake, 6.8 PPG

Frank Gore, 6.8 PPG

Le’Veon Bell, 11.8 PPG

Bilal Powell, 2.1 PPG


Le’Veon Bell was arguably the best asset in fantasy before he sat out 2018 due to contract issues. When he arrived in New York they expected him to help Darnold and Gase take ahold of the AFC East and help them progress as a whole. Before Bell was injured this year they had discussed him playing a lot of receiver since the team signed Frank Gore this offseason, genius. 


Wide Receivers Production


Jarvis Landry, 17.7 PPG

Devante Parker, 7.1 PPG

Kenny Stills, 8.7 PPG

Jamison Crowder, 10.8 PPG

Robby Anderson, 8.5 PPG

Demaryius Thomas, 6.1 PPG


Landry was an outlier because of the constant feeding in the slot but when you look at Devante Parker you see the best example of what Gase did in holding him back. Last year, his first year without Gase, Parker exploded and finally showed promise averaging 13.1 PPG and finishing as WR7 in half-point PPR leagues.


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Tight Ends Production


Julius Thomas, 5.5 PPG

Mike Gesicki, 2.1 PPG

Ryan Griffin, 5.4 PPG


I know what you are thinking, none of these names are world-beaters. Thomas came to Gase hurt and Gesicki was a rookie. Ryan Griffin though and Chris Herndon hasn’t gotten anywhere near what people thought with Darnold and Adam Gase with the New York Jets. They don’t project to do much this year either but maybe once they break free from the wondering eyes of Adam Gase they will finally emerge.

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