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CJ Marable Draft Profile

cj marable draft profile

We all have a fever and the only prescription is more rookie breakdowns! Next up is the Coastal Carolina leviathan – the CJ Marable Draft Profile.


Marable, with freshman quarterback Chase McCall, created a lethal duo that was the focal point on an impressive run the Chanticleers had this season. Marable ended the season with impressive rushing performances accumulating 457 yards in the final four games before announcing he was declaring for the draft.


In the offseason, I liked Pooka Williams because of how explosive he was and his ability to take over games. When the season started I realized I should’ve been in love with Marable much sooner and it’s crazy to think Marable wasn’t generating more buzz early on.



Marable doesn’t have the major recruiting story that so many of the top running backs in this class will have on their resume. He started as a 2-star recruit with a mountain in front of him but he didn’t shy away from the odds and would end up as a running back at JUCO’s Presbyterian where he would thrive. He would lead the Big South in rushing yards as a freshman, something that hadn’t been done to that point, and in doing so it made him get noticed by Coastal Carolina to give him a chance in the FBS. 


College Resume and Accomplishments

In his career, between Presbyterian and Coastal Carolina, he would rack up an impressive 3,729 career yards on the ground and unlike some college running backs, he was utilized in the passing game on a regular basis. He would end his college career with a reception in 32 consecutive games because he showed the ability to make an impact in both facets of the offense. Marable would finish his career at Coastal Carolina with back-to-back All-Conference honors as well. Once his senior season ended this past year, he received invites to the NFLPA Bowl and East-West Shrine game.

cj marable stats


Best Trait

What immediately jumps off when watching Marable is his explosiveness and speed. He consistently is able to break off long runs all over the field. Marable is able to burst through the second level of the defense between the tackles, as well as running outside and turning the corner, and getting upfield. 



I mentioned I liked Pooka Williams’ game earlier when it came to this trait. What Marable does well that Williams doesn’t is the ability to follow blocking lanes. He can be creative when needed but it’s controlled, something you don’t see a lot with running backs in college schemes.


Developmental Trait

I mentioned Marable having the receiving work that other running backs don’t always have when they enter the NFL. That doesn’t mean he is perfect and ready to go, however. His route running and route tree have been rather limited and the route running especially could use some of that NFL coaching polish. 



I have every reason to believe he can contribute as a pass-catching back, and at the very worst, be a third-down back. He has a lot of promise but those two things need to be corrected and I believe he has the ability to do so.


Worst Trait

When you see a running back listed at 5’11” and 200 pounds you should be rather excited as it’s the perfect size for smash-and-dash gameplay. Unfortunately, that is not what you see when watching Marable.


He doesn’t have the best contact balance and is lacking in terms of play strength. He always seems to fall forward when getting tackled but he gets tackled at times when he shouldn’t. I don’t know if getting into an NFL program will do the trick, but I imagine he will gain a few pounds so I remain optimistic this can be fixed. When I watched his film, the lack of play strength was a glaring and agitating sight to behold.


Projection and Comp

Running backs are always pushed back in the draft so I don’t see Marable cracking the first two days of the draft, but that doesn’t mean you should be cool on him when he gets drafted on day three. Even with his draft projection, I have Marable as a top ten back in this class. He has a great skill set to be a part of an NFL offense in today’s game.

I do have a comp for Marable and I am borrowing it from Yahoo Sports! Eric Edholm. When watching Marable, he really looks like former Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers. He can be in a running back rotation or be a third-down back like Rodgers. This may seem like a knock on Marable, but I can’t stress enough how big a fan I am of him and his game.


His full draft grade and projections will be in my guide come April so for now enjoy the profile and be on the lookout for a video to pair with this written piece! Be sure to keep our dynasty section bookmarked and subscribe to the Fantasy Authority YouTube channel for even more content!

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