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Dynasty Buys: Jarvis Landry

dynasty buys jarvis landry

Finding under-appreciated veteran gems as dynasty buys who produce consistent fantasy numbers is an art that can help you win your championship if you’re in win-now mode. Jarvis Landry is a particular favorite of mine in this category as he is perennially a fantasy WR2 and yet is consistently valued as a WR3. There are two primary reasons I’ll argue why he should be a top dynasty trade target of yours in this article: his consistency and his price. Let’s dive into each of these and discuss why he’s worth adding to your roster.

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There are few players that have been as consistent as Landry has over the past five seasons. In that time span, he finished as a WR1 in PPR scoring 3 times (2015, 2017, & 2019) and a WR2 twice (2016 & 2018). The only year that he finished worse than WR18 was his rookie season when he finished as WR31.

If we look at his time thus far in Cleveland for more recent history, we see that over the past two seasons he has averaged 14.2 PPG. His average isn’t fueled by outliers, either; he scored 10 or more PPR points 75% of the time, 15 or more points 34% of the time, and 20 or more points 22% of the time. Overall, these numbers are as consistent as they come outside of the elite, top-tier talents. 

As a final point on his consistency, the only thing more consistent than Landry’s fantasy production is his injury history. In the six years that he has played in the NFL, he has never missed a game. That’s the stuff that star-receiver and teammate Odell Beckham Jr can only dream of.



Imagine for a second that you don’t know we’re talking about Jarvis Landry and you saw the below chart.

dynasty buys jarvis landry


What would you be willing to pay for 3+ years of that production? An early first? A mid first? I’d say those are both reasonable prices. That said, we’re fortunate enough to not have to pay those premiums. Here are a couple of examples of trades involving Jarvis (courtesy of Dynasty League Football’s Trade finder tool) that took place over the past couple months:


I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the Landry side in all three of those trades and smashing accept every single time. As an added measure, I took a look at some frustratingly-popular trade calculators and Jarvis is valued lower than a 2021 1st round pick on every one of them. If you can get Jarvis’s consistency for the price of a late first or early second, I’m all in.



Over the past five seasons, Jarvis has proven to be a consistent fantasy producer that has WR1 upside and a floor as a WR2. At 27 years old and under contract until 2022, he will likely continue to be a solid asset for your team for 3+ years. Combine his production with a price tag of a late first/early second, and it’s case closed.


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