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Dynasty Cheat Sheet – Third Edition

Finding the right information (maybe a cheat sheet?) to help you build the perfect fantasy football dynasty can be very similar to drinking from a fire hose.  Yes, the off-season is a lot of fun.  Everyone has their go-to few sites that pump out quality dynasty content all throughout the off-season.  But then it happens. The redraft noise starts to hit in June.  In July everything starts to be about single-year #basic leagues.  By August it seems that all of the top sites are calling their “sleepers” who are really just guys you have known about since January.

Sound familiar?

As dynasty owners, the number of questions we’re faced with on a weekly basis is insane.  Every snap, injury, reception, touch, and transaction can have implications extending for years to come.  Finding as much helpful information in one place (like a cheat sheet) at the right time can be a real life saver.

And that’s what I always wanted.  I just wanted simple advice that I could apply every week based on the mayhem that just wrapped up from the previous NFL week.  So that’s where this article comes in.  This “Dynasty Cheat Sheet” is designed to cover as many players as possible with some practical “do this now” advice to help you build a sustainable dynasty.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the third edition of the Dynasty Cheat Sheet.

Cheat Sheet Player Values

Ronald Reagan was President the last time that the Rams and 49ers combined for 80 points.  Yet somehow that’s what happened just last Thursday.  As it turns out, these offenses are not exactly what we thought they were.

Carlos Hyde – He’s a top 10 RB the rest of the way, and just about the entirety of the 49ers offense.

Todd Gurley – Gurley is who we thought he was when he exploded onto the scene as a rookie.  He’s a top 5 dynasty running back.  You should have been buying months ago.  Be patient.  Wait for the Rams to hit a rough patch again.  Then strike.

Matt Ryan – Matty Ice’s ridiculous 7.1% touchdown percentage was always going to go down.  He’s still a middle-aged QB1.  Don’t panic.  He’ll have Julio and Devonta for the rest of his fantasy relevant career.  I’d be targeting him in Superflex and deeper one QB leagues everywhere.

Ameer Abdullah – As frustrating as his sub-4.0 yards per carry may be, his touch share still indicates that he’s a lead running back in the NFL.  With 17 touches this past week he’s not going anywhere.  Patience is a virtue.  Sell an aging yet productive vet to acquire Abdullah and a pick.

DeMarco Murray – This is a fantastic time to be DeMarco in the fantasy market.  He can be a sell high option.  But you can also ride him through a productive season this year.  And if not that, you can still buy him pretty cheap because of his impending Derrick Henry doom.

Doug Baldwin – As I mentioned in #TouchdownTime this week, Doug was always going to come back strong against the weak Titans secondary.  Expect a solid back end WR finish for him over the next few years. His price is never very high. Don’t “sell high” on him.  The production will almost certainly outweigh the return via trade.

Ravens – London games can be a mirage.  It really didn’t change much for any of their players’ values.

Marcedes Lewis – Pick him up to sell right away, and that’s it.

Demaryius Thomas – I’m the captain of Team DT.  I should make t-shirts.  The long-time stud isn’t going anywhere.  Through three weeks Demaryius is still a top 24 WR without scoring any TDs in PPR formats.  He’s probably cheaper than ever before, yet is still a trustworthy WR2 every single week. Demaryius is on pace for 90 catches and 1250 yards (again).

Jordan Matthews – Remember when this guy was a round three start-up pick?  Well he hasn’t actually died.  I know the fantasy community held his funeral, placed flowers on his casket and walked away in tears.  The good news is that miracles are real.  Matthews led the Bills in receiving this week, and his weekly flex appeal is about to return.  I’m targeting him everywhere.

Mark Ingram – Ingram is the 1a in that hot mess of a backfield in New Orleans.  Clearly, Adrian Peterson is not going to be around for long.  So Ingram could be a cheap acquisition that produces for a few more years.  Don’t overthink this, and definitely don’t wait for him to finish as a running back two this year.

Christian McCaffrey – Any other season McCaffrey would be getting so much more attention.  2017 just happens to be the year of the rookie running back.  He’s on pace for 120 targets.  And hey, if Jonathan Stewart does his usual thing and misses some time, McCaffrey’s value is going to soar.  Get ahead of the inevitable curve.

Le’Veon Bell – Hold on for a couple more weeks.  Don’t do anything stupid if he’s on your roster.

Mitchell Trubisky – This guy was dirt cheap all summer.  You better be adding him right now in superflex while Glennon still has a pulse.  101 passing yards out of Glennon won’t win many more games.

Isaiah Crowell – As I’ve said before, abandon ship!

Donte Moncrief – It feels like just yesterday that Moncrief was being taken ahead of Hilton in start-ups.  Now his stock has never been lower.  Attack him as a throw-in to a meaningful deal.

Doug Martin – I know you want to “buy low” now before he’s back.  The Buccaneers defense is going to put the team in catch-up mode until their defense is healthy again.  Wait a few weeks even after his return because Martin won’t find success early.

Ryan Griffin – Griffin could provide the cheapest back end TE1 production in the league without Fiedorowicz on the field.  Deshaun Watson is going to have to throw to someone besides DeAndre Hopkins.

Wendell Smallwood – It’s clear that the Eagles are trying to figure out their RB situation.  Smallwood is likely fools gold unless he’s incredibly cheap.

Ty Montgomery – TyMo leads all RBs in snaps.  Do you want a feature back with the best quarterback in football?  If so, add this guy at all costs.

Kareem Hunt – I was wrong on Kareem’s ceiling, but he’s still a sell.  8.5 yards per carry only lasts in Madden.  Kareem may still be the real deal and a sell at the same time.

Amari Cooper – “He sucks!” Yeah.  No.  Trade nearly any running back for him.

Cheat Sheet Simple Strategies

No cheat sheet is complete without some practical things that can help you accomplish your dynasty goals today.

If you are 3-0, I’m sorry, you’re a contender.  Yes, it does not matter if you thought your team was trash coming into this season.  And yes, punting for the future can be fun.  But the truth is, if you’re 3-0 you could accidentally limp into the playoffs at this point without even trying.  So add a couple players and go win the championship.

On the other hand, if you’re 0-3, it’s time to make one last push or start buying picks (which you should be doing now anyway) before others realize their fate and try to do the same.  And I don’t want you to just shut down.  Half of dynasty is about building your team.  So go make some moves and don’t pout.

In trade talks right now, intentionally misuse short-term situations and project that it is the new normal.  I just moved Tarik Cohen for Demaryius Thomas in a league that way.  So what am I saying?  Just start a conversation and see where it goes.

And that’s all folks.  Week three of the Dynasty Cheat Sheet is in the books.  Feel free to ask questions or suggest players and topics on Twitter @FF_TravisM.  This cheat sheet is for you.  Let’s build your dynasty all season long!

He's married to his beautiful wife, Kelsey. Purdue University Class of 2011. Boiler Up! Lives in Nashville, TN. Titans fan (sympathetic gifts accepted). Works on music row by day. Writes about fantasy football by night. He plays club ultimate frisbee because it's awesome. He longboards to work because he can. Find him on Twitter @FF_TravisM.

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