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Dynasty Fallers Week 5

Dynasty Fallers

Welcome back to my Dynasty Fallers article for Week 5! You can think of this article as an additional dynasty trade target resource, or players you should be buying on their way up or selling on their way down. Let me know what you think by reaching out to me on Twitter after you check this out!



Daniel Jones, QB NYG

The sophomore QB hasn’t been nearly as good as he was down the stretch in 2019. Of all these dynasty fallers, he has been falling the most. Jones is only completing 61% of his passes with a terrible 2/5 touchdown/interception ratio. To add to all that, he is struggling with a bad O-line and no run game. A lot of it can be contributed to the loss of the Quad God but, at some point, if you want to prove you belong in this league, you need to be able to produce without all your weapons. It is extremely worrisome for his long term value because the Giants have a very good shot at a top-3 draft pick and I doubt they pass on Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields if they are on the board when they pick. He is a good buy but don’t give up too much because his future is very shaky.

SF Buy Price – Early 2nd
SF Sell Price – Late 1st


Running Back

Leonard Fournette, RB TBB

It wasn’t long ago that Ronald Jones was on this list. I was assuming that Leonard Fournette would be THE GUY in Tampa and Rojo would go back to the bench to ice his stone hands. I was wrong. Rojo looks really good, besides the drops, and Arians seems to be attached to him. So, where does that leave Fournette? Who knows? Fournette looked really good week 2 but outside of that he has been either hurt or outplayed by Jones. This is one of those situations I will be avoiding buying into. I’d sell sell sell after a couple big games from either RB and get out from under the headache. Tampa Bay RBs = Dynasty Fallers.

Buy Price – Late 2nd
Sell Price – Any 1st


Kenyan Drake, RB ARI

Have you ever gotten the wind knocked out of you? It sucks. It’s a heavy impact and what feels like someone took a vacuum, stuck it in your mouth and drained all the air in your lungs. Then 30 seconds later, you’re 100% fine. How the hell do you take yourself out of a game because you got the wind knocked out of you? I’m still a little salty over his Week 4 “chest injury” I guess. More importantly, how do you expect to be an RB1 with only six targets in five games? Drake is low on the target pole in Arizona and is not moving the ball on the ground. With only 3.7 yards per carry, two touchdowns, and half a game missed due to lack of wind, this is one of the dynasty fallers that is turning into a bad investment. It might be Edmonds SZN soon, and I predict him being in a future Dynasty Risers article.

Buy Price – Any 2nd
Sell Price – Early 2nd



Wide Receiver


Julio Jones, WR ATL

Age is always something that leads to diminished value in dynasty but that normally is only a concern in the offseason. When a 31-year-old WR starts the first four games being 4th on his own team in targets with zero touchdowns, it makes their value plummet. Between injury and the rise of Calvin Ridley (former dynasty riser) and Hayden Hurst, Julio just hasn’t been his usual target hog self in an offense that throws the ball a ton. I think he turns it around when he gets healthy, but if you’re rostering him anywhere, I’d trade him after a good game or two and get what you can before this offseason. This dynasty faller is not worth a 1st round pick anymore.

Buy Price – Early 2nd
Sell Price – Any 1st


DJ Moore, WR CAR

This one hurts. I was a big DJM stan all offseason. He had a great 2019 with Kyle Allen and River Boat Ron only to be rewarded with Teddy Bridgewater and Joe Brady; both considered upgrades for his game. Bridgewater might not be considered an upgrade to most, but during Drew Brees’ span of missed games last year, Bridgewater fed Michael Thomas targets and was more than capable of supporting a WR1. It turns out in Carolina, that WR1 is Robby Anderson. Despite his slow start, I think DJ Moore is a buy. He has only two targets less than Anderson and he’s still an elite talent. He may have lost some value, but I’d highly suggest throwing out some feelers to any owners that are panicking.

Buy Price – Mid 1st
Sell Price – Early 1st


Tight End

Evan Engram, TE NYG

A lot of this designation is due to the same reasons the QB is listed above. The offense is in shambles and every weakness they could overcome thanks to “The Quad God Magic” is now gone. He does lead the team in targets so there is hope that Jones can turn it around. However, I wouldn’t put money on it, especially with his injury history. Best case scenario, Engram goes somewhere else next season and avoids a repeat dynasty fallers designation.

Buy Price – 2nd
Sell Price – Late 1st


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