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Dynasty Rookie Sleepers – JaMycal Hasty

dynasty rookie sleepers jamycal hasty

This week we continue our search for the dynasty rookie sleepers who build the value we need to compete in dynasty fantasy football.  Today I’ll be breaking down San Francisco 49ers running back JaMycal Hasty. If you missed my first article on late-round steal K.J Hill, make sure you check it out!  With that, let’s get right to it.

To start our conversation, I’d like to play a game of either-or with Player A and Player B based on some stats provided by

Player A Player B
5’7” 5’8”
207lbs 205lbs
4.60 forty 4.55 forty
15 reps 15 reps
5.5 YPC 5.8 YPC
College Dominator 18.3 (27th) College Dominator 12.8 (13th)

Based on these stats alone, I would have these two players ranked very close with a slight edge to Player B.  Based on my twitter poll many of you agreed with me, even after the identities of the players was revealed.  Now, what if I told you Player A would cost you a significant chunk of your roster value and Player B you could acquire from your waiver wire?  Have you figured out who these two players are yet?  Player B is JaMycal Hasty, the undrafted free agent out of Baylor and Player A?  Player A is the ridiculously over-hyped and overpriced Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

dynasty rookie sleepers jamycal hasty



You have seen the numbers already, and they are admittedly underwhelming, but as CEH has shown us, sometimes numbers don’t tell the entire story.  A deep dive into the film on Hasty shows a player who possesses slippery elusiveness and exceptional playmaking ability both in the pass and run game.

Watching Hasty play is an exciting endeavor.  He plays significantly quicker than his 4.55 forty time would suggest.  Hasty possesses a relentless motor coupled with exceptional patience which allows him to find the space needed to keep the play alive, all coupled with above-average hands.  This is the precise skill set that has the internet abuzz about CEH and the skills that NFL teams crave at the position.


As with most of the players we will talk about in this series, the first concern is draft capital, as an undrafted free agent, Hasty has none.  That being said, if ever there was a season to bet on an undrafted free agent, this could be the year.  Because he went undrafted, it is entirely possible that the NFL roster Hasty ends up on is not the one he is on now, although I do like his fit into a Shanahan offense.  But the lack of investment means it is going to be that much harder for him to earn a spot.  Furthermore, he will not be able to showcase his skills in the preseason, which is going to make it all the more difficult to grab that roster spot.

Secondly, his numbers are not good.  Although his forty time was faster than CEH, it was still below average at 4.55, and his burst score was below average as well.  Additionally, at 23, he could be considered “old” for a rookie running back, and his opportunity window is small at best.

Probably the most glaring issue when watching Hasty on film is his lack of power.  He has a tendency to go down at first contact and lacks the power the upper-tier running backs in the league posses.

Looking at the Film

With JaMycal Hasty this is the fun part.  This guy’s film is just plain fun to watch and it is why I am willing to throw the numbers out the window and get him on any roster where I have the room.

First, let’s take a look at his work in the passing game.

Animated GIF

In my favorite Hasty highlight, he turns this short out play into a 70-yard touchdown by releasing on the out rout up the field and finding the open space.  Then it’s all north-south with a couple of cuts to avoid the defenders and into the end zone (the play was ultimately called back for a penalty).

Animated GIF

Here, Hasty goes one on one with the linebacker, creates separation, and catches the ball away from his frame to avoid letting it into his chest.

Where it becomes evident why I think Hasty could be a waiver wire steal, is his run game.  He is a cut-and-go kind of back.  While his cuts can be a little slow at times, once Hasty makes them, there is no wasted energy in his running style.  Additionally, he possesses the quickness to bounce outside and gain the edge when the opportunity presents itself.  He also has the ability to find space between the tackles with outstanding patience and exceptional elusiveness.

Animated GIF

Hasty plants his foot and drives upfield for a 45-yard gain.

Animated GIF

Patience, patience, patience. While displaying great vision and footwork, Hasty finds an open lane and then shows nice burst for a 20 yard gain.


Hasty has playmaker written all over him. His shiftiness and quickness in space make up for the lack of power in his run game.  Whether it’s in the passing game or between the tackles, Hasty has the skill set to produce in the right offensive scheme.  The 49ers running back is a high-risk player in the sense of there’s a possibility he never produces. On the flip side, he costs you nothing to acquire and absolutely has the tools to break out. If you have the space on your taxi squad or are in a rebuild and trying to find value Hasty could be a nice addition to your dynasty roster.

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