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Javian Hawkins Draft Profile

javian hawkins draft profile

Draft profiles are coming at everyone hot and heavy and that will be no different with us here at The Fantasy Authority! Next up for me is a Javian Hawkins Draft Profile. Hawkins declared for the draft midseason once Louisville lost all momentum on their year, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from the former Cardinal.


Hawkins is an interesting running back prospect this year because this class, after the top tier, is wide open. He has the potential to be in the mix with one of the upper tiers but after watching the film does he actually stack up that well? 


Before we take Hawkins to the dance, let’s take a look at how he got here.



Hawkins hails from Titusville, Florida. This may sound familiar to Last Chance U fans as that is where the troubled Bobby Bruce was also from. It is a tough area that not a lot of people escape from but football was his ticket out and he didn’t let anyone take it.



No issues or red flags going through high school at John Wilkinson High School where he would become one of the best running backs in the state his senior year and nationally was the 21st ranked all-purpose back and earned a 3-star grade from 247 sports. He would receive offers from Missouri, Syracuse, UCF, and Cincinnati before ultimately accepting an offer from Louisville.


College Resume and Accomplishments

Hawkins would develop into one of the more electric backs in college football. He, along with Malik Cunningham at quarterback, made for one interesting backfield. Together they would never find the success they had hoped for but they were able to gain national recognition.


During his time at Louisville, Hawkins would gain 2,544 total yards (2,355 rushing yards), 17 touchdowns, and an impressive 5.9 yards per carry. His ability to hit the constant home run was where he truly thrived which played a part in him earning 2nd Team All-ACC honors in 2019 behind Travis Etienne.


This year mid-season though, he would eventually decide to be done with the protocols and be done with the season and start to prepare for the NFL Draft as a redshirt sophomore.


Best Trait

Any Javian Hawkins draft profile you read this year will mention his speed. Hawkins’ breakaway long speed is so lethal and it’s just natural for him. Going back to high school he was recorded having a 4.36 40-yard dash and that was before he got the proper training and fitness.


If you want to see his game-breaking speed in action, search no further than his Pitt tape from this past year. All day against Pittsburgh Hawkins had his way with that defense. For him to have that kind of performance against a defense that has 4-5 draftable guys on it spoke volumes to Hawkins as a prospect and really helped get his name out there.


Developmental Trait

Something we see all the time with college running backs is that they don’t get a lot of passing game work. Once they turn pro, however, that all changes. Hawkins has the body style and skill set to be a fun receiving threat in the NFL and he screams third-down back to me as a bare minimum for him. I don’t see him being a lead back for a team at any stretch during his NFL career but he can be a productive back if he can progress as a pass-catching threat and get that passing game work.


Worst Trait

Now, this Javian Hawkins draft profile has to be fair to you, the fantasy player, and to do so we have to discuss his shortcomings as a  prospect. We have seen colleges give players an inch or two on their height listings so what you see on the tape would make you think Hawkins may be smaller than 5’9”. I wouldn’t be shocked if he is closer to 5’7” and with that, I wanna see him bulk up a smidge to around the 200lb mark. Once he gets to be apart of an NFL team and its training regiment I don’t think it will be an issue but his size is concerning.


Projection and Comp

I talked about him being a third-down back and that is ultimately what I see him becoming and maintaining as his NFL role. He graded out for me with a day three-grade meaning he could fall to rounds four to seven in the NFL Draft, and with that comes the issue of proving himself. He may not be drafted to play a prominent role in an offense which would obviously hamper his fantasy value.

The comp I came up with for Javian Hawkins is Dion Lewis. The former Pitt running back was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and bounced around before landing that third-down back role in New England where he thrived and earned himself a big payday in Tennessee. Lewis is still around today with the Giants and that is the career Hawkins can have as well. 

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