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Rookie Profile: D.J. Moore

There isn’t a consensus number one wide receiver in this year’s draft. Look around at five different sites. You may get five different answers. The distinction only seems to be more blurred as the draft draws near. D.J. Moore is one such receiver. Let’s see what he brings as a prospect, and you can decide if you agree.



D.J. Moore joined Maryland as a 3-star recruit out of Philadelphia. You may be surprised to know that Penn State saw him as a defensive back during recruiting. They wanted him to play safety. Moore was named a starter three games into his freshman year.

He caught passes from eight different quarterbacks over his college career. Despite this Moore was able to have consistent production.



After his three years with the Terrapins, he finished fifth in receptions, sixth in receiving yards, and 4th in receiving touchdowns in school history. Moore started in 35 consecutive games.

This past season Moore caught 80 receptions. In doing so he broke the school’s single-season record. He also was named Big 10 All- American. To top it off D.J. Moore was named Big 10 wide receiver of the year.


Tale of the Tape

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D.J. Moore is smart and able to recognize the coverage he is facing. Against zone, he shows the ability to find the soft spot and take advantage.

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Moore tracks the ball well when working downfield. He shows off his strong hands at the end of the play as well with the one hand grab.

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There is no fear for Moore when going over the middle. He fully extends himself, adjusting to the high throw, and gives up his body in doing so.

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Teams won’t have to worry about using D.J. Moore as either an outside or inside receiver. He can get the job done from both spots. He also shows good situational awareness. On third down here you can see he runs the route deep enough to get the first down.

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Moore can be used in a variety of ways as well. Whether lining up out wide or in the backfield, Moore is dangerous. When the ball is in his hands he is able to do his best work. He has enough speed to hurt any defense.

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On underneath routes, D.J. shines. Getting the ball in his hands quickly is never bad. Moore runs strong which allows him to create through contact. He fights for extra yards on nearly every play.

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Body control is one of the biggest assets of his game. D.J. Moore is able to high point the ball and comes down with it. He is able to adjust in mid-air and to make any catch within his wide radius.

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D.J. Moore shows good ability as a run blocker. His willingness to engage and stick with a block makes him even better.


D.J. Moore was a big part of the Maryland offense. And for good reason. There does not appear to be many weaknesses to his game. He will need to improve on his route running, but he is still young.

The film shows D.J. Moore has all of the capabilities to succeed at the next level. The stats and athletic testing bear out as well. Check out to see for yourself just how impressive he measures up.

Putting everything together, D.J. Moore should be a first-round draft pick. Rumors and projections though have him as a second-round pick. Wherever he lands he should be valuable though. Both in terms of the NFL and in fantasy.

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