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Now is the time of year when rookie fever starts affecting more and more fantasy degenerates. We all know the top-tier players in this draft class. We’ve all speculated and dreamed where they might go. We’ve all read the mock drafts by the “pros” and we’ve all laughed and laughed at Kiper’s latest mock. Oh good times…. good times. Anyway, since none of us know exactly where they’ll go, I figured maybe we’ll have some fun. Today we’ll be discussing the top 4 teams that could benefit from the 6’2 213 lbs stud WR from Western Michigan, Corey Davis …actually, this is a list of the top 4 teams that I want to see Corey Davis on. Here we go:

San Francisco 49ers – Pick 1.02

Now, this is a long shot. We all love Corey Davis and it would be amazeballs to envision Corey in a Kyle Shanahan offense…*insert eggplant emoji here*. The fact of the matter is the 49ers are not going to select Corey Davis at the 1.02. It’ll most likely be Trubisky or Watson (or some other QB) However, if Shanahan and Lynch want to get cute maybe they keep Kaepernick, trade the 1.02 and then draft Corey Davis. Then score many many TDs and then rule the world and then win me many many fantasy championships and then I’ll be right and you’ll be wrong and I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh!!!!! I digress. This is a pipe dream. The 49ers have many many needs at many positions. Even if Kaepernick stays in San Fransisco they’ll probably select a QB at 1.02 but isn’t it fun to imagine Corey Davis in that offense? *insert double eggplant emoji here.* I guess it’s obvious to you that I’ll be targeting the 49ers WR1 whoever they draft. Please let it be Corey Davis! COME ON SHANAHAN YOU FUCK!!! ( I had to…its my first article)

Tennessee Titans – Pick 1.05 & 1.18

The marriage of Corey Davis and the Titans seems to be what everyone is talking about (especially @TyInStl). Almost every draftnik and expert scout/talking head have mocked Davis to Tennessee at 1.05. Well we can’t deny it doesn’t makes perfect sense because it does. The Titans and specifically Mariota need a wide receiver like Corey Davis. The Titans offense was 28th in the NFL with 504 pass attempts in 2016. Having a dynamic, “exotic” smash mouth run game will do that to a passing offense. I’m not trying to take shots at the Titans receivers, but besides Rishard Matthews and Delanie Walker, the Titans receivers were a pile of trash. Adding a WR like Corey Davis could only help Rishard and Delanie. I am a fan of Rishard, but he’s no WR1. Corey Davis is a WR1 and Rishard would be one heck of a WR2 for Tennessee. Imagine how exciting the Titans offense would be if they had a legitimate WR1 for Mariota to throw to? Wowza!!

Baltimore Ravens – Pick 1.16

I just can’t quit you Flacco. I won’t go out on a limb and say Joe Flacco is elite but I will say that Flacco was second in the NFL with 672 pass attempts last year, just one attempt behind Drew Brees. Yes, I realize that’s probably lazy analysis but I like my players, especially young talented players, to join teams at positions of need they happen to fill. The Ravens are in need of a WR1, especially after losing Steve Smith to retirement. Mike Wallace had a revival in Baltimore leading the Ravens WRs in receptions (72) and yards (1017) but can we expect Wallace to repeat that performance? I’m guessing he won’t. The Ravens drafted Breshad Perriman at 1.26 in 2015 and he has been a Yuuuuuuge (sorry couldn’t help myself) disappointment, mostly due to injury, though. I hate labeling a young (ish) WR a bust due to injury so lets just say that the jury is still out on Breshad Perriman. Will the Ravens select Corey Davis at 1.16? If he’s available, I sure hope so!

Philadelphia Eagles – Pick 1.14

I don’t think I’ve seen Corey Davis mocked to the Eagles. I’ve seen Dalvin Cook mocked to the Eagles about 100 times and to be honest, that would be GOAT AF!! But I haven’t seen Corey Davis mocked there. Maybe it’s because nobody thinks Davis will last to the 1.14 or maybe it’s because they think if Dalvin Cook is there, the Eagles will have to take him. I think they would do well in selecting Corey Davis. The Eagles need another WR to pair with Jordan Matthews and are cap strapped to add a WR through free agency. Many don’t like Jordan Matthews and I happen to be one of them. It’s not that I don’t like JMatt, I should say, I don’t think JMatt is a WR1. JMatt hasn’t eclipsed 1k yards ever…ever. Maybe I’m just old school and maybe I’m just a simple man but I like my beer cold, my tv loud and my WR1’s producing. Adding Corey Davis to that WR corps would do wonders for a young QB in Wentz. If it’s not Corey Davis I’m sure the Eagles will address the WR position in the draft.

I guess the running theme in this article is that none of these teams have legitimate WR1’s. I could’ve listed a bunch of other teams, as a matter of fact, every team in the NFL could use a talent like Corey Davis. Especially the New York Giants!! Please Reese!!!!! If Corey Davis is there at 1.23 and you don’t select him, Reese, I’m gonna flip out!!! Don’t blow this draft Reese!!!… Anyway….. In this day and age of the NFL a WR1 is almost as important as a QB. Unless you’re the Patriots and you can piece together a championship team from a bunch of gritty gym rats that take their lunch pails to work but that hardly happens.



  1. Dan

    February 16, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Great job in first article. Would have been crestfallen had you not called out shanahan in typical dynasty frank fashion. Looking forward to more work.

    • DynastyFrank

      February 21, 2017 at 1:21 pm

      Thanks a lot, Dan. I’m glad you liked it.

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