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Week 6 Dynasty Fallers

week 6 dynasty fallers tyler higbee

Even though dynasty is a long-term game, there are still value fluctuations on a weekly basis. After you check out the Week 6 Dynasty Fallers article, be sure to read who Jeremiah pegged as a Week 6 Dynasty Riser.


Kirk Cousins, QB Minnesota

It’s pretty rare that someone is a dynasty faller after a week where they post 3 touchdowns, almost 350 yards, and a 67% completion percentage. If anyone could do it, though, it would be Cousins. He threw three interceptions in week 6 for the 2nd time this year and only has two games with 1 or 0 turnovers. While his fantasy output was decent last week, that was a deviation from the norm. He is barely a top 20 quarterback through six weeks despite having ample garbage time to pad his stats this year. He is a major contributor to the Vikings performing well under expectations this year. He signed a 2-year extension this offseason that the Vikings are likely to regret. I used to think NFL teams were stuck with contracts like Cousins but teams have started getting more creative recently. I look for the Vikings to possibly try to bring in competition this offseason if they cannot shed the contract outright.

SF Buy Price – 2nd
SF Sell Price – Late 1st


Baltimore RBs

Collectively, the three-headed backfield of the Ravens has 123 carries for 597 yards and 5 touchdowns. Dobbins has handled about 20% of those carries while the Gus Bus and Ingram each account for roughly 40%. This is just way too even of a split to trust any of the three in your lineup week in and week out. Ingram, Dobbins, and Gus are averaging 8.3, 4.2, and 8 carries per game, respectively. None of the three running backs have been terrible on a per touch basis (Ingram is lowest with 4.5 ypc) but they just are not getting enough touches to be fantasy relevant unless you can guess which one is going to fall into the endzone in any given week. I think Dobbins’ day will come at some point this season but until further notice, keep all three out of your lineups.


Devin Singletary, RB Buffalo

This one stings a little bit. I was banging the drum for Devin Singletary all offseason but this season’s results are getting hard to ignore. After laying a dud with the backfield all to himself in week 5, Singletary followed that up with an ugly repeat performance. Zach Moss returned in week 6 but only managed to steal 5 carries away from Singletary (and was even worse than Singletary was). In the last two weeks combined, Singletary has carried the ball 21 times for a whopping 57 yards. It might not all rest on this dynasty faller’s shoulders as the Bills running game in general has taken a big step back from last year. If he keeps posting numbers to the tune of his 2.7 YPC over the last two weeks the Bills will surely look to upgrade the position in the offseason.

Buy Price – 2nd
Sell Price – Late 1st



Jarvis Landry. WR Cleveland

Sorry Jeremiah, someone has to say it. Landry has been very pedestrian this year. He is on pace for 64 catches for 850 yards on just 88 targets this year. His previous career lows in those categories are 81 catches, 758 yards, and 112 targets with the career lows in yards and targets coming in Landry’s rookie season. He is the second option on a run-first team that suffers from inconsistent quarterback play, which might just be too much to overcome. I do not think this dynasty faller is a sure thing to turn it around in the 2nd half of the season, but considering his value is probably close to a career-low, he makes for a good dynasty buy. However, if you need production from the wide receiver spot for the rest of the year I might look elsewhere.

Buy Price – 2nd
Sell Price – Late 1st


Julian Edelman, WR New England

Over the last 3 weeks, Julian Edelman’s line looks like 7/66/0. That looks like something an NFL team’s 4th wide receiver might post over 3 weeks and resembles a ho-hum single week score for the former PPR machine. Edelman is one of the all-time great receivers on third and short but the 2020 Patriots have perhaps the greatest 3rd and short weapon in the history of the league at quarterback. Edelman is also yet to record a touchdown this year, another possible byproduct of playing with Cam Newton. After starting the season off strong the first two weeks I thought maybe he could still thrive in a Brady-less offense but the last few weeks have offered nothing but doubt about Edelman’s fantasy utility in a Cam Newton offense.

Buy Price – 3rd
Sell Price – Late 2nd


Tyler Higbee

Tyler Higbee went on an absolute rampage last year in the fantasy playoffs and was far and away the TE1 over the final 5 weeks of the 2019 regular season. That led to a decent amount of offseason hype heading into Higbee’s 5th year but not as much as that sort of playoff run would typically yield. The presence of Gerald Everett and the previous 3½ years kept Higbee’s value somewhat diminished. However, after a Week Two outburst that resembled his 2019 finish (5/54/3) it seemed as though Higbee’s strong run was not an aberration. In the 4 weeks since, Higbee is averaging 2½ catches and 32 yards on 3 targets per game. In those same 4 weeks, this Week 6 dynasty faller has managed the same amount of catches, 40.25 yards per game on 1 less target. The pass-catching TE role in the Rams offense looks to be a complete split between the two, leaving both players out of fantasy favor.

Buy Price – 2nd
Sell Price – Late 1st


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