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Kevin Steele – @FantasyWrath13 – Creator of

I was born in Kansas City, Mo. I spent 4 years in the Navy and served on the USS Boone FFG-28. I’m is a die-hard Chiefs, White Sox, and Missouri Tigers fan. I’ve always had a great passion for sports, but when I stumbled upon fantasy sports my obsession grew into an addiction of sorts. I spend countless hours researching and sponging up as much information as I can. I started writing for for the last 2 years, and will continue writing for them in the future. I take a great deal of pride helping fellow fantasy players win their leagues. I have found over the years on Twitter, that there is a great deal of players who are looking for help, so what better way to bring my knowledge, and the knowledge of others than creating my own site.

I decided to create Fantasy Authority to bring as much information to help you win your league. I have always wanted to create a site to help the people who don’t have a ton of time to do the research it takes to win your league.


Justin McCasland – @MaclandJ – Contributor for

I live in southwest Oklahoma and grew up in eastern New Mexico. I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan and have adopted the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma City Thunder. My fantasy football passion is in dynasty and I’ve enjoyed growing in that field. I co-host the Dynasty Life Podcast with Travis May and Andrew Frechette, and do dynasty rankings as well as in season weekly rankings.

Please follow the Dynasty Life Pod @DynastyLifePod and discuss dynasty with me @Maclandj

Anthony Pinzone – Featured Writer – Host of the TheFantasyAuthority Podcast

I joined my first ever fantasy football league in 2000, at the ripe age of 14. I’m still in that league today, and it continues to be one of the most competitive leagues I take part in. Fantasy Football isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. Not a day goes by where I’m not checking out the latest fantasy articles, podcasts and tweets from around the web. It’s grown my interest in this sport and this league 10-fold since then. I went from being a guy who would just casually watch my Phins each Sunday, to a man obsessed, watching every second of as many games as he can get his hands on (usually all of them with the REDZONE channel) each and every Sunday, Thursday, Monday and sometimes Saturday. 

At some point in time it became clear to me that I wasn’t just obsessed, I was actually pretty good too. My passion for the game, both fantasy and reality, has pushed me to create my own league, as well as dip my toes in the world of Dynasty Fantasy Football. I really wanted to get into writing fantasy articles and starting a fantasy podcast, but attempts to do so in the past always proved to overwhelming. When Kevin announced on Twitter that he was looking for new writers, I jumped at the opportunity to share my knowledge on a fast-growing site.

Most of my experience is in half-point PPR leagues, but I’ve also been doing Dynasty for over half a decade now, so I can certainly talk to that. The Yahoo and MyFantasyLeague platforms are my weapons of choice, but I also have experience with and ESPN. My favorite part of the season is draft day, so expect lots of draft related information to spew from my fingers during the off-season. Just like the other writers, I love talking (or debating) fantasy football, so reach out to me anytime with questions, challenges, or call-outs… I have thick skin, I can take it.

I look forward to seeing you all around the Twittersphere (@the1andonlypz)  and here on

Jennifer Smith – Featured Writer – On-Air personality for the Fantasy Authority Podcast

I was born in WV (please no hick jokes), so I grew up watching the Steelers and Pirates. I love sports and have played competitive softball, soccer, rugby, basketball, and also run a good bit (I am currently training for a half-marathon, please consider donating to my cause here). Football is by far my favorite sport to watch and once I was introduced to fantasy football several years ago, I was hooked. I spent so much time reading, watching football and adjusting my roster that I pretty much annoyed everyone around me. So, I turned to twitter and found that others felt the same way as I do! I was overjoyed when one of those conversations about fantasy turned into an offer to write for TFA from its creator, Kevin Steele.  I’ve been writing for TFA for over a year now and going strong! I enjoy it thoroughly and it is rewarding to do something productive and helpful with all that reading and researching I was doing solo before. I’ve gotten good feedback and so I’m keeping at it, trying to weave my personality and opinions with research and advice that will help you. My intention is really to use to the knowledge I have to help other players make informed decisions, have fun, and ultimately win. I don’t do anything at less than 100%, so I’m always available through twitter (@FF_female920), watching football, reading, or writing my next fantasy article. Check out my weekly Under and Overvalued Fantasy Players articles, listen to me every Wednesday on the podcast, or check out my weekly rankings! Give us writers at a chance to help your fantasy team this season!


Jeff Donovan – Featured Writer & Voice on The Fantasy Authority Podcast

I was born and raised in the Seattle area, and have been an avid Seahawks fan from the get-go. I am a season ticket holder for the Seahawks and love the game in general.

I’ve been playing fantasy football since 2000 along with various other fantasy sports. I love all formats in fantasy football, but can’t get enough of 2QB and SuperFlex leagues. Read about them if you’ve never heard of them, or look into taking part in one yourself if you haven’t explored that path. It is the way of the future after all! I love digging into the statistics within every avenue of the NFL.

I am always down to chat football or answer any questions fantasy related. Follow @JeffDonovan_WA to send any questions, comments, or concerns my way. The fantasy expert community is full of great people, and couldn’t be more thankful to work with such a great group of people at The Fantasy Authority.

Matt Okada – Senior Editor / Co-host of the Redshirts Fantasy Football Podcast (Coming Soon)

Born and raised in the Sunny-and-75 capital of the world, Orange County, California. Too far north to be a Chargers fan and too late/early to be a Rams fan, so I gravitated to my Bostonian uncle’s Patriots when I was 9 —the year Brady was drafted — and never looked back. I’m a fan of nearly all sports, and grew up on baseball, but when I got into fantasy in college around 2010, football stole my heart.

Now I spend the fall and winter watching games/highlights, writing articles, and recording podcasts at a feverish pace … and the spring and summer crying for the NFL’s return. I commission or co-commission a few fantasy leagues every year, including a couple keeper/dynasty leagues (and am growing to love that format). I’m also a huge fan of 2QB and a bit partial to 0.5 PPR.

I am always open and willing to field questions (slide into my DMs if you want), and will tweet random thoughts and polls in the offseason to keep myself sane. Most importantly, starting in 2018, I am co-hosting the new Redshirts Fantasy Football podcast, so look/listen for that! Until then, you can probably find me in Tom Brady’s bushes looking for an autograph or a tuft of hair …