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2016 Season Review – Episode 80

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams was a huge hit for TFA contributor Ryan Williams. Hear his thoughts on the TFA Podcast Episode 80: 2016 Season Review

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 80, January 26, 2017.

The 2016 fantasy season has pretty much come to a close. Anthony (@the1andonlypz), Kevin (@fantasywrath13), Ryan (@RyanAlexander_W) and Ben (@BenCumminsFF) take a look back at some of the seasons biggest surprises, biggest hits and biggest busts in this 80th episode of The Fantasy Authority Podcast, 2016 Season Review.

Also in this episode…

  • The Falcons and the Patriots are set to battle it out in Superbowl LI and Vegas opens the odds at a 59 over under.
  • Do you think this was the worst playoffs we’ve ever seen in terms of entertainment value?
  • The 49ers are expected to go after Kirk Cousins hard. Is there any chance he moves on from Washington?
  • Who’s more likely to be traded; Tony Romo, AJ McCarron or Jimmy Garrapollo?
  • Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are both mulling retirement. What are Arizona’s options if both players hang ’em up?
  • Ben Roethlisberger is non-committal on the 2017 season. Is there any real cause for concern?
  • The Colts finally fire Ryan Grigson! Is Peyton Manning an option to fill his shoes?
  • Let’s talk strategy. Which strategies worked and which didn’t?
  • What lessons did you learn in your 2016 fantasy season?
  • Kevin learned to stick to his guns and not jump on the hype train so easily.
  • Ben forced himself into a draft strategy instead of adjusting on the fly.
  • Ryan pegs Matt Ryan as his most surprising player of the year.
  • Kevin and Ben are both shocked at the emergence of Terrelle Pryor and collapse of Allen Robinson.
  • Anthony was high on Latavius Murray going into the season and was more than happy with the result.
  • Ben and Kevin agree that Kirk Cousins was a high value target for them.
  • Ryan hit the nail on the head with Davante Adams. Stay for the outro to see what I mean 😉
  • Meanwhile, Anthony, Kevin and Ben all whiffed big time on Davante Adams.

What are your thoughts on our 2016 season review?

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