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2017 Fantasy Football Season in Review

The 2017 fantasy football season has come to an end, and with it, another great year for The Fantasy Authority Podcast. In this final episode of the 2017 season, Kevin, Ryan and Anthony welcome back former co-host Ben Cummins to take a look back the pre-season predictions they made in episodes 91 through 95, including a crazy Jared Goff prediction by Ryan Williams!
The Fantasy Authority Podcast
The Fantasy Authority Podcast
2017 Fantasy Football Season in Review

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 120, January 4, 2018.

The 2017 fantasy football season has come to an end, and with it, another great year for The Fantasy Authority Podcast. In this final episode of the 2017 season, Kevin Steele (@fantasywrath13), Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W) and Anthony Pinzone (@the1andonlypz) welcome back former co-host Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF) to take a look back the pre-season predictions they made in episodes 91 through 95.

Want to re-live those shows for yourself? Here are the links to each episode:

2017 Fantasy Football Season in Review

Preaching Late Round Quarterbacks

  • Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith – QB2
  • Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz – QB6
  • Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff – QB9 (Ryan touted him as a late round)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles – QB11 (Anthony liked him as a fantasy producer)
  • Derek Carr vs Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston
    • Ben loved Mariota. He had him at QB6 for his massive upside, rushing ability and upgraded weapons. He finished as the QB18 in 14 games.
    • Kevin wasn’t as high on Mariota due to the Tennessee Titans run first offense. He did love Jameis Winston, with the Buccaneers addition of play makers DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard, he was thought due for a big year. Unfortunately, he finished as the QB23 in 12 games.
    • Ryan was high on Derek Carr for his upside, elite weapons and dominant offensive line. Kevin hated Carr, stressing that he failed in big games and had a brutal schedule for a QB going in the 6th round. Carr finished as the QB20 in 14 games.
  • Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford
    • Ryan and Ben had him at QB15, pin pointing his lack of weapons, slow paced offense and low upside.
    • Anthony and Kevin had him as a QB1, referring to his consistent fantasy production as a top tier quarterback in seasons past. Kevin was also a fan of Marvin Jones having a big bounce back year, and Eric Ebron emerging as a premiere Tight End.

Tight End Predictions

  • Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce vs New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski
    • Kevin had Kelce over Gronk and was laughed at by all. Travis Kelce finished as the TE1 on the season. Kevin: Should see a large target share – 80-90 receptions in his range out outcomes – Ryan: Gronk and not even close- Brady vs Alex Smith is all you need to know for Gronk – Ben.
  • Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron vs Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz
    • Ryan and Anthony were all aboard Zach Ertz, arguing he had a great ceiling. Finished as the TE3. This debate happened before the trade of Jordan Matthews. Anthony not scared of Alshon Jeffrey. Anthony called Nelson Agholor a nobody… Agholor finished at WR17.
    • Kevin and Ben liked Eric Ebron, arguing that we should see positive TD regression coming his way, given he was one of few weapons and had youth and athleticism on his side. He finished as the TE11.

Running Back Predictions

  • Cleveland Browns RB Isaiah Crowell
    • Ryan predicted RB19: Can’t trust the offense.
    • Ben predicted RB11: Heavy workload, improved offensive line.
    • Crowell finished as the RB27.
  • Green Bay Packers RB Ty Montgomery
    • Ryan predicted RB12: Pass game involvement and work load.
    • Anthony predicted RB17.
    • Montgomery finished as the RB46, far lower than either predicted.
  • Houston Texans RB Lamar Miller
    • Ryan predicted RB24: Overrated, not worth the draft capital.
    • Anthony predicted RB10: Better passing game, more involved in passing game.
    • Miller finished as the RB13.
  • San Francisco 49ers RB Carlos Hyde
    • Anthony predicted RB13: Kyle Shanahan is the running back whisperer. Carlos Hyde RB1! Drops mic.
    • Ben predicted RB24: Joe Williams, bad offense and horrific offensive line.
    • Hyde finished as the RB8.
  • New Orleans Saints RB’s Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara
    • Ryan predicted RB10: Not worried about Alvin Kamara at all. I don’t think Kamara brings much to the table. AP is cooked. Ingram is safe and will ball. Locked in as an RB1.
    • Kevin predicted RB26: Really likes Ingram but way too many mouths to feed with addition of AP and Kamara’s involvement. Alvin Kamara should be the pass catching back. Sneaky late round target. Not enough volume. Maybe Ingram slept with Payton’s wife?!
    • Ingram finished as the RB5, Kamara finished as the RB3.
  • Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey
    • Anthony predicted RB15: Heavily involved in passing game. Jonathan Stewart is cooked.
    • Ben predicted RB24: Presence of Jonathan Stewart, Cam Newton may not be able to utilize his strengths. Curtis Samuel will take targets from him. Might be a little low on him.
    • McCaffrey finished as the RB8 in PPR.
  • Carolina Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart
    • Kevin predicted RB37: Not going to lose role, TD upside still there and offers incredible value. Injuries a concern, but has an easy schedule.
    • Ben predicted RB53: Not much upside – McCaffrey will hurt his upside – 150 touches max – no involvement in the pass game (200 touches – 8 rec)
    • Stewart finished as the RB38 in PPR.
  • Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon
    • Kevin predicted RB12: Le’Veon Bell type of upside – not worried about other backs.
    • Anthony predicted RB26: Bad offensive line, Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard presence.
    • Mixon finished as the RB31.
  • New England Patriots RB Mike Gillislee
    • Ben predicted RB18: Touchdown upside, not worried about Rex or Lewis.
    • Kevin and Ryan predicted RB36 and RB42: Extremely crowded backfield, can’t trust Belichek, presence of Gronk.
    • Gillislee finished as the RB65.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin
    • Ryan predicted RB54: Suspension, frustrating player, jekyll and hyde and Jaquizz Rodgers involvement.
    • Anthony predicted RB23: No faith in other backs, should retain role in offense.
    • Martin finished as the RB59.

Wide Receiver Predictions

  • Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate
    • Kevin/Ryan(21,19) vs. Anthony/Ben(14,14)
    • Finished as the WR13, teammate Marvin Jones finished as WR12.
  • Buffalo Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin
    • Anthony/Ryan(30,32) vs. Kevin/Ben(41,39)
    • Finished as the WR66.
  • Minnesota Vikings WR Stefon Diggs
    • Anthony/Ben(16,19) vs Kevin/Ryan(24,30)
    • Finished as the WR23.
  • Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill
    • Ben(34) vs. Kevin/Anthony/Ryan(19,19,23)
    • Finished as the WR6 in PPR, WR3 in standard scoring.

Players Being Drafted Too High

  • Ben: DeAndre Hopkins
  • Ryan: Willie Snead and Martavis Bryant
  • Kevin: DeVante Parker
  • Anthony: Sammy Watkins

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