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2017 Rookie Wide Receivers with Matt Harmon

The Fantasy Authority Podcast episode 86 welcomes Matt Harmon back to the show. to talk 2017 Rookie Wide Receivers. Find out why he think's Washington WR John Ross is more than just a deep threat.

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 86, April 13, 2017.

Kevin Steele (@fantasywrath13), Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF), Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W) and Dynasty Frank (@DynastyFrank) welcome back Analyst, host of the Backyard Banter, Fantasy Hipsters and NFL Fantasy Live Podcasts, as well as the creator of the reception perception, Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) to the show! It’s only fitting (and certainly no coincidence) that we’re talking 2017 Rookie Wide Receivers as we continue our countdown to the 2017 NFL Draft.

Examining the Big Picture

  • How does our brain play tricks on us when watching film as we try to confirm our own biases?
  • Does a WR in this class come to mind when speaking of brain tricks?
  • How do you keep bias out of it when charting the reception perception?
  • What signifies a positive or negative grade against coverage on a play by play basis?
  • When charting success rate against coverage, how many yards of “separation” does one have to get in order for it to be deemed a success?
  • Do you ever struggle in categorizing plays and giving grades when the players assignment isn’t clear?

Top Tier 2017 Rookie Wide Receivers

  1. Corey Davis
  2. Mike Williams
  3. JuJu Smith-Schuster
  4. John Ross
  5. Chris Godwin

Breaking Down the Top Tier

  • What parts of Corey Davis’ game shined when you charted him?
  • Do you have any concerns with taking a WR, like Corey Davis, from a small school?
  • Mike Williams wasn’t as good against man coverage as Davis. Was this the main reason he falls to 2?
  • Do you feel Juju Smith-Schuster’s struggles can be attributed to poor QB play and/or inexperience?
  • Are you concerned with John Ross’ inability to get consistent separation despite being the fastest player in the league?
  • Chris Godwin showed an ability to run the full route tree and win in all areas of the field. How much of a boost does this information give him in your eyes?

Second Tier 2017 Rookie Wide Receivers

  1. Carlos Henderson
  2. KD Cannon
  3. Zay Jones
  4. Curtis Samuel
  5. Malachi Dupre
  6. Cooper Kupp
  7. Isaiah Ford
  8. DeDe Westbrook
  9. Taywan Taylor

Breaking Down the Second Tier

  • Dynasty Frank is in love with Carlos Henderson, so what makes him fall to tier 2?
  • Ford was a fun guy to watch on tape and you highlighted many reasons to like him, did any glaring issues show up on tape for you?
  • Watching Taywan Taylor on film you see a wide receiver who plays bigger than his 5’11 frame. Why do you think he continues to be overlooked by many?

Third Tier 2017 Rookie Wide Receivers

  1. Ardarius Stewart
  2. Chad Hansen
  3. Josh Reynolds
  4. Ishmael Zamora
  5. Robert Davis
  6. Josh Malone
  7. Amara Darboh
  8. Ryan Switzer
  9. Artavis Scott
  10. Mack Hollins

Match Game with Matt Harmon

Peanut Butter – Your hatred for peanut butter is well documented. Who is the 2017 rookie wide receiver that compares to peanut butter?

Bumpers – As if you haven’t covered enough social media platforms, you’re now using Bumpers and it’s an app I like and want to start using soon. This is an app where you can record short audio clips of yourself talking about whatever you want. Essentially, it’s a happy medium between twitter and recording podcasts. So what 2017 rookie wide receivers compare to Bumpers?

Cauliflower Pizza Bread – I’ve noticed your recent posts regarding cauliflower pizza bread. This trend hasn’t seemed to catch on like Brussels sprouts have quite yet. However, it definitely seems to be an up and comer in the game. What 2017 rookie wide receivers compare to cauliflower pizza bread?

Backyard Banter – Your Backyard Banter podcast does a great job of allowing listeners to hear important backstories on how those connected to football or sports in some way got to where they are today. Who are the 2017 rookie wide receivers whose backstories are vital to be aware of when evaluating and projecting them as a prospect and/or as a fantasy asset?

Fantasy Hipsters – You and Franchise have branded yourselves well as Fantasy Hipsters starting with the segment on TV last season and now the podcast. Who would you say is the hipster wide receiver in this class?

Brussels sprouts – It seems like there are numerous Brussels sprouts recipes out there. If nothing else, your re-tweets tell me this. So since Brussels sprouts can be served in a variety of ways, who are the 2017 rookie wide receivers that compare to Brussels sprouts?

The Gulp – Podcast listeners are aware that you’re a regular at your local watering hole called The Gulp. This is obviously a safe space where you can let loose and forget the demands of charting 73,000 wide receivers and appearing on 3,267 podcasts. Which 2017 rookie wide receivers compare to The Gulp?

Charlie – By now everyone should know how much you love your dog Charlie. So who are the 2017 rookie wide receivers compare to Charlie?

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