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Debating 2017’s Top Tier Runningbacks

New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram spurs a heated debate on this weeks TFA Podcast: Debating the Top Tier Runningbacks

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 91, July 6, 2017.

We’re back and ready to go for the 2017 Fantasy Football season! Kevin Steele (@fantasywrath13), Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF), Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W) and Anthony Pinzone (@the1andonlypz) are pumped for the start of the season, starting it off with a debate! Who are 2017’s top tier runningbacks? The boys debate the biggest differences among each of their rankings.

Which young backs carry the biggest risk?

Every year we see players jump into the top tier runningbacks only to end up being major busts. Which player(s) carry the biggest risk?

  • Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys
    • Are there concerns about a possible suspension?
    • The Dallas offensive line is getting worse, can Elliott overcome it?
    • How does he follow up such a monster rookie season?
  • Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers
    • Can he continue to be a big part of the offense with so many play makers returning?
    • How will the new coaching staff effect him?
  • Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins
    • With 33% of his production coming from 2 games last year, how reliable is he amongst the top tier runningbacks?
    • Is he reliant on a good offensive line?
  • Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears
    • Can he overcome a seemingly awful team on his way to a successful sophomore campaign?
    • The offensive line is awful. Can he make his own holes?

The Aging Stars

After multiple seasons of heavy usage, should fantasy owners hesitate with taking aging stars DeMarco Murray or LeSean McCoy?

  • DeMarco Murray, Tennessee Titans
    • How much longer can he hold off Derek Henry?
    • Are injury concerns myth or reality?
  • LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills
    • Seems to maintain the “only weapon available” status in Buffalo. Can his body hold up?
    • How high are you willing to go on top tier runningbacks approaching 30?

Debating the Top Tier Runningbacks (PPR)

  • Devonta Freeman: Ryan (4th) vs. Kevin (9th)
  • Isaiah Crowell: Ryan (19th) vs. Ben (11th)
  • Ty Montgomery: Ryan (12th) vs. Anthony (17th)
  • Lamar Miller: Anthony (10th) vs. Ryan (24th)
  • Carlos Hyde: Anthony (13th) vs. Ben (24th)
  • Marshawn Lynch: Ben (13th) vs. Ryan (20th)
  • Mark Ingram: Kevin (26th) vs. Ryan (10th)
  • Christian McCaffrey: Anthony (15th) vs. Ben (25th)
  • Joe Mixon: Kevin (12th) vs. Anthony (26th)
  • Tevin Coleman: Kevin (20th) vs. Ben (31st)

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