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Arizona Cardinals Preseason DFS – Blake Murphy

Arizona Cardinals Preseason DFS

The DFS DegeNation Podcast Ep. 3, August 3, 2017.

Our second edition of our DFS Preseason mini-series with Blake Murphy from Revenge of the Birds (@revengeofbirds) (@BlakeMurphy7)! Murphy covers the Arizona Cardinals and talked plays you will need to win in DFS if you’re playing the Hall of Fame slate with Kevin Steele (@FantasyWrath13), Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) and Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W). He has some super deep sleepers you need to have on your radar *cough* Elijah Penny *cough* You can also listen to Murphy break down what to expect from the Arizona Cardinals for the upcoming 2017 season. Below are the show notes:

Cardinals Overall Review:

1)What are your expectations for the Cardinals this season?

2)Last year Palmer’s play fell off. How do you expect him to play this season? Any reports on how his arm is looking in camp.

3)John Brown has been a rising name in the fantasy community this year. What are your expectations for him this season

4)What are the chances David Johnson repeats his success from last year? What are your expectations for him this season?

Hall of Fame Game/DFS Preview: 

After Palmer, the Cardinals have three QB’s, two of which are seasoned veterans in Stanton and Gabbert. How much do you expect them to play Thursday? Any thoughts on Trevor Knight?

Which running back do you expect to play the most? TJ Logan is an exciting player with big play ability in my eyes, what are your thoughts on him. Think we will see a lot of him Thursday?

The Cardinals currently have 13 receivers on the depth chart. We know the Cardinals plan to sit their starters. Who would be some WRs DFS players should target out of this WR group?


Hello, my name is Kevin Steele. I enjoy long walks on the beach and cuddling up with a good glass of scotch and The Fantasy Life book by Matthew Berry.

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