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Cincinnati Bengals Preseason DFS – Joe Goodberry

Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton

The DFS DegeNation Podcast Ep. 7, August 11th, 2017.

Our seventh edition of our DFS Preseason mini-series with Joe Goodberry who gives football and NFL Draft analysis on Twitter and a part of the #NFL1000 — follow him on Twitter (@JoeGoodberry)! Goodberry covers the Cincinnati Bengals and talked plays you will need to win in DFS if you’re playing the Week 1 Preseason slate with Kevin Steele (@FantasyWrath13), Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) and Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W). He also explained why we Bengals offense will go as for as their (questionable) offensive line will take them and why we shouldn’t sleep on Giovanni Benard. He also gave us a full breakdown of what to expect from the Bengals in 2017 from a fantasy perspective. Below are the show notes:

Cincinnati Bengals Breakdown:

Before we get into the preseason stuff lets talk Bengals in general for a minute

1) What are your expectations for the Bengals this season?
2) Andy Dalton struggled a bit last year after he lost Sanu and Jones. The Bengals prioritized adding
weapons in the offseason. What are you expectations for Dalton this year?
3) Joe Mixon was a first round talent who dropped due to off field concerns. What are you
expecting from him and the running back corps as a whole?
4) The Bengals lost two of the best lineman in the NFL in Whitworth and Zeitler. How will the line
perform this year and how much will that impact what the Bengals are able to do this year?
5) How has John Ross looked thus far?

We get our first taste of Bengals Action on Friday so let’s talk some preseason expectations.

1) How much time are we going to see from Andy Dalton and do you think the Bengals try to
showcase McCarron for a trade and let him play more? Or will this be the Jeff Driskel show and if
it is thoughts on Driskel…
2) How much Joe Mixon do you think we see? Any running back after the Bengals big 3 you expect
to play a lot and/or make a name for himself?
3) The Bengals have 13 WRs currently on the Roster. Can you tell us outside of the top 3 who your
favorite is? Anyone else you expect to make a name for themselves this preseason. How much John Ross do you expect we see?
4) Cethan Carter was a popular name because of his athletic scores around draft time – any
expectations for him? With only 3 tight ends on the team after Eifert, who do you expect the
Bengals to take the longest look at Friday?

Senior Writer and 1/4 of the TFA Podcast. Currently reside in Chicago, IL - the greatest city in the states. I support all Chicago sports, but I'm loyal to the Bears, Bulls, and Cubbies. Also a fan of the Steelers. Don't @ me. Been playing Fantasy Football for years, most specifically redraft, but I dabble in dynasty, MFL10, and DFS. DFS is my vice. You can find me on Twitter @RyanAlexander_W talking mainly sports, and then whatever else is on my mind.

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