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Debating Our Top 40 Wide Receivers

Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill was a hot topic on the latest Fantasy Authority Podcast: Debating Our Top 40 Wide Receivers

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 93, July 20, 2017.

With the running backs covered in full, it’s time to shift our attention to the top tier wide receivers. Kevin Steele (@fantasywrath13), Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF), Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W) and Anthony Pinzone (@the1andonlypz) once again put on their debate hats as they go back and forth on their top 40 wide receiver rankings. Also in this show, a discussion around the top 10 “consensus” wide receivers. Do they all really deserve to be there?

The Top 10 Wide Receivers

  • Antonio Brown: He is widely viewed as the can’t miss WR1. Should he be? Which wide receivers would you replace him with?
  • Michael Thomas: With Brandin Cooks in New England, Thomas now is the alpha wide receiver in the offense. Should fantasy owners be a bit concerned that he won’t reach the lofty expectations?
  • Jordy Nelson: He was the number 1 fantasy wide receiver last season. Why isn’t he ranked inside the top 5?
  • Dez Bryant: He’s become a borderline WR1 for many. Is this the year he bounces back and makes fantasy owners regret not taking him higher?

Battle Royal: Our Top 40 Wide Receivers

  • Golden Tate – Kevin/Ryan(21,19) vs. Anthony/Ben(14,14)
  • Allen Robinson – Kevin/Anthony(14,13) vs. Ryan/Ben(20,20)
  • Kelvin Benjamin – Anthony/Ryan(30,32) vs. Kevin/Ben(41,39)
  • Stefon Diggs – Anthony/Ben(16,19) vs Kevin/Ryan(24,30) [Twitter Poll]
  • Willie Snead – Kevin/Ben(22,26) vs Ryan/Anthony(33,40) [Twitter Poll]
  • Julian Edelman – Ryan/Anthony(21,21) vs Kevin/Ben(34,31) [Twitter Poll]

Defend Yourself! The Lone Wolf Rankings

  • Michael Crabtree – Ryan(18) vs. Kevin/Anthony/Ben(26,28,23)
  • Alshon Jeffery – Ben(18) vs. Kevin/Ryan/Anthony(23,31,28)
  • Terrelle Pryor – Kevin(17) vs. Anthony/Ryan/Ben(25,22,25)
  • Tyreek Hill – Ben(34) vs. Kevin/Anthony/Ryan(19,19,23)

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