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The Art of the Fantasy Draft – Episode 51

This week the guys provide you with some of their best tips and tricks for your upcoming fantasy draft.
The Fantasy Authority Podcast
The Art of the Fantasy Draft - Episode 51

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 51, July 5, 2016.

July is upon us which means fantasy draft season is finally here! This week the guys have a candid discussion on the art of the fantasy draft, including tips and tricks to help boost your draft day roster, things to avoid to prevent an early season melt-down and which strategies you should consider and which you should just toss to the side.

Also in this episode…

  • The importance of checking a leagues settings BEFORE you join.
  • There are so many points systems, keep an eye out for these things in particular.
  • To PPR, or not to PPR? To Anthony, it’s not even a question.
  • Breaking down the Superflex and why it’s Kevin’s favorite to become the norm.
  • Roster makeup, breaking the mold of “traditional” fantasy rosters.
  • You mean to tell me there’s more than one draft type?!
  • Things to avoid doing on draft day.
  • The commissioner blues – a candid talk about change.
  • Should there be divisions in fantasy football?
  • A short introduction to the Zero RB and Zero WR strategies.
  • Why the guys prefer the Best Player Available strategy above all else.
  • Instant Debate: Melvin Ingram vs. Frank Gore
  • A quick look at Value Based Drafting by
  • An argument for (and against) taking a TE or QB early on in your fantasy draft.

Getting ready for your fantasy draft?

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