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TFA Podcast 33: 2016 NFL Free Agency

Former Miami Dolphins DE Olivier Vernon signed a huge deal with the New York Giants in free agency.
The Fantasy Authority Podcast
TFA Podcast 33: 2016 NFL Free Agency

The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 33, March 9, 2016.

On this special edition of The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast we put together a panel of our writers and podcast personalities, as we react to all the latest free agency moves in what’s proven yet again to be a crazy day in the NFL. No time wasted in this one, as we jump right into the details of the two trades of the day, with the Philadelphia Eagles sending Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell to the Miami Dolphins, and also sending DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans.

From there we go all-in on free agency. So where did the biggest names in free agency end up and how much money did they make? We were all expecting big names like Olivier Vernon, Doug Martin and Janoris Jenkins to sign big deals, but they weren’t the only ones! We break down where everyone ended up, how much they got paid and our thoughts on whether or not they’re worth it. After all, free agency is the time to get paid and every year we see guys chasing the money. So who went all in for the big pay day? Who was loyal to the end?

Plus, what do all these free agency moves mean for the teams involved? No doubt there were a lot of moving parts today and will continue to be in the days to come. Our panel of experts will break down just what these moves mean for the team that lost the player AND the team that gained them. How does it affect the NFL Draft and what other moves could we expect to see from them in the coming weeks?

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