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2018 Fantasy Review: The Top-20 Wide Receivers

DFS week 2 top plays

In a follow-up to the Top-10 article, we’ll be looking at last year’s receivers who finished 11-20. The purpose of this is to give you an idea of what to look for statistically at receiver in your 2019 redrafts. Let’s take a look at the top-20 wide receivers, from 11 to 20.

The Who

Here are the rest of the top-20 wide receivers (11-20) and their statistical outputs. For each receiver, we’ll be looking at their targets, receptions, yards, touchdowns, fantasy points, and average draft position. The percentages in parentheses denote the share each player contributed to their individual offenses.

PPR Finish Player Targets Receptions Yards Touchdowns PPR Points ADP
11 Stefon Diggs 149 (25.2%) 102 (24%) 1,021 (23.8%) 9 (30%) 264.3 30 (WR12)
12 Keenan Allen 136 (26.9%) 97 (27.9%) 1,196 (27.7%) 6 (18.8%) 260.1 17 (WR6)
13 Brandin Cooks 117 (21.5%) 80 (21.7%) 1,204 (25.5%) 5 (15.6%) 243.2 44 (WR20)
14 T.Y. Hilton 120 (18.9%) 76 (17.8%) 1,270 (27.6%) 6 (15.4%) 239 29 (WR11)
15 Tyler Boyd 108 (20.4%) 76 (23%) 1,028 (28.8%) 7 (25.9%) 221.1 335 (WR114)
16 Tyler Lockett 70 (17.5%) 57 (20.4%) 965 (28%) 10 (28.6%) 220.4 143 (WR54)
17 Odell Beckham Jr 124 (21.6%) 77 (20.2%) 1.052 (23.9%) 6 (26.1%) 220.1 11 (WR3)
18 Amari Cooper 76 (14.7%) 53 (14.9%) 725 (18.7%) 6 (27.3%) 219.4 34 (WR15)
19 Jarvis Landry 149 (26.8%) 81 (22.9%) 976 (22.9%) 4 (13.8%) 214.6 38 (WR17)
20 Calvin Ridley 92 (15.2%) 64 (15%) 821 (16.6%) 10 (27.8%) 208.8 123 (WR48)

*Notes: Fantasy points via FFToday. Statistical numbers via Pro Football Reference. ADP data via Fantasy Pros. Amari Cooper’s numbers in this chart represent his numbers with Dallas – a nine-game sample. Cooper finished 2018 with a 107/75/1005/7 line.

keenan allen top-20 wide receiver


With the top-10 wide receivers, we saw (for the most part) a fairly even distribution between each of the categories. In order to make it into the top-20, however, one of your statistics (receptions, yards, or touchdowns) can vault you into a top PPR finish. T.Y. Hilton got to 14th overall with his yardage total; Jarvis Landry with target volume; Calvin Ridley with touchdowns.

For the second year in a row, Keenan Allen had a quiet first half. Of Allen’s six touchdowns, he scored just one of those in his first eight games. If Allen has even just one more trip to the endzone, he finishes as WR10 on the year.

Tyler Lockett will be an easy fade for me this year unless we get news coming out of Seattle that Russell Wilson will be airing it out a lot more. His target and reception numbers are actually on par with his previous three seasons, but he had never surpassed 700 reception yards prior to this season. Lockett’s ten touchdowns in 2018 are more than he had in 2015-2017 COMBINED.

For receivers in this grouping, we want to be able to project at least a 20+% share in one of the statistical categories. Ideally, however, we want two of those to feel even better. Of the nine receivers (excluding Cooper), seven of them hit 20% in two of the categories. Hilton and Ridley were the only two to not reach that threshold.

As with the top-10 PPR receivers from 2018, we’re still looking for above-average quarterback play here. Tyler Boyd may be the exception, but you can look to his opportunity (A.J. Green injury) and favorable corner matchups for his production. Boyd saw over 67% of his snaps from the slot last year, and Landry was second-highest at 59%.


That’ll do it for the 2018 top-20 wide receiver review. Keep checking the site as the NFL Draft is just days away and see how that shapes your 2019 redraft leagues!



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