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2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft – Early Look

2020 fantasy football mock draft

Ooooo weeeeee! It seems as though we’re on track to have an NFL season in 2020 (fingers crossed) which means fantasy football content. Lots of it. We recently went through an early 2020 fantasy football mock draft to get a lay of the land and see how things are looking early on. The mock was based on a 12-team, half-PPR setting and completed through Sleeper.

Although there will be a litany of changes between now and #DraftSZN, we can still use these early mock drafts to get an understanding of values and have some takeaways. The main thing that jumped out to me was the ADP of rookies still haven’t caught up to their actual value. For example, I snagged D’Andre Swift at 10.03 in this particular mock. I can promise you, that isn’t happening in August. My next two takeaways are repeats of last year, honestly. Running backs are going to be flying off the board early and often, and that the wide receiver position is again the deepest position in terms of fantasy viability. This last one may sound crazy, but hear me out: tight end actually doesn’t seem like that big of a wasteland this year. Tyler Higbee, Mike Gesicki, and Hayden Hurst all went in the 13th round while I took T.J. Hockenson in the 14th.

Here’s how you can find the full version of our early 2020 fantasy football mock draft:


Let us know what you think and be sure to keep our regular website bookmarked for all of the content that will be coming your way!

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