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There are tons of different ways to decide how your draft order is set in your fantasy football league. It can be as basic as randomly setting your draft order or as weird as whoever got the most points from their kicker in the previous year. If you are in a league with a lot of your buddies, this can be a way to have some fun with your league mates and mix up your fantasy draft. I scoured the Internet, brainstormed, and asked some friends and fellow writers about their experiences, and here are some of the better results I got back:

The Wonderlic:

I actually tried this one with my league mates from college. Basically, everyone takes the Wonderlic test, and the highest scores get to pick where they want to draft. For those of you who don’t know, the Wonderlic is the test that incoming college football players take to give an idea of how smart they are. The test goes from 0-50 points and is timed 12 minutes. For some notable scores of NFL players, click here. Two of my friends got 47s, which threw a wrench in my strategy. I shouldn’t have been friends with so many engineers.

Kentucky Derby:

This one was very popular with my fellow writers. How it works is everyone picks a horse and the finishing order of the race decides the draft order. To decide who gets to pick the horses, the best suggestion I have heard was the reverse of league standings from the previous year. A NASCAR race is also a suitable replacement.

Preseason Football Score:

This one is fun because can you really judge how pre-season football scores will pan out? Everyone picks the score of a random pre-season game and the closest to the right score gets to pick first. A fun tiebreaker may be to pick the leading receiver or tackler for a particular team.

Points against from previous Season:

This one is nice for the teams who just got beat up on last season. I have had many teams that are top-3 in scoring but just barely squeak into the fantasy playoffs because I happen to play every team when their entire roster goes bonkers. It’s pretty much just luck of the draw, so the team with the most points scored against gets to pick their draft spot first.

Drinking games:

This may only work if your entire league can get together and do something like a beer-pong tournament, but that is always a fun way to decide it. This introduces plenty of opportunities for in-season trash-talk. A much more dangerous way could be to have everyone get a hold of one of those cheap breathalyzers and whoever gets the highest BAC gets to pick their draft spot first. Note: I DO NOT advise this method, so please don’t sue me if your buddy drinks himself into a coma attempting to get the #1 overall draft spot. To make that safer, maybe give yourselves a time limit of a half hour or so.

Madden Tournament:

This one is self-explanatory and makes logical sense if you all play Madden and fantasy. It can even be done online if you and your league mates don’t all live in close proximity.

NFL Combine:

This would take some time, but hear me out: Everyone in your league picks an NFL position that they think they would have the best chance of becoming. Then everyone does regular combine drills and gets combine stats. Then you send the stats of your combine results to an arbitrary football fan and order where you would pick the incoming fantasy football players. You can also alter the drills. For example, you can switch the bench press to the keg toss and so on. If anyone reading this needs an arbitrary source, feel free to reach out to my at my twitter handle listed below.

NFL Trivia:

Perfect for the trivia nerds, there are plenty of online tests you can take to prove your NFL savvy. Best scores pick first. If you want to make it really difficult, send me a twitter message and I’ll make up a short quiz for your league with some really random questions that run the football gamut. Cheating is the only potential downfall of this one, but if everyone filled them out at the same time under a time limit it could work.

Field Goal Contest:

Simple: everyone submits a video to the commissioner with his or her longest field goal make. Longest field goal picks their draft spot first.

How does your league do it? I am all for suggestions because there is no wrong way to do this, and I am sure many ways exist that are even stranger than what I have suggested. If you have a method for determining draft order that is more badass, weird, or off the wall than any of these suggestions, please tweet me @leagueedge with your suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!

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