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Allen Robinson 2019 Fantasy Outlook

Allen Robinson 2019 Fantasy

The zero RB strategy. Many swear by it. The late-round quarterback strategy. Herds of people have pledged their allegiance. But what about the zero WR strategy? This idea hasn’t been tossed around nearly as much as the previous two. However, with this new era of bellcow backs in the NFL, it may be time to give this a whirl. 

The early picks in every fantasy football draft this year will be spent mostly on guys such as Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey. This RB trend may have even extended further into round one earlier in the summer when the playing future of guys such as Zeke and MGIII wasn’t in such a state of flux. If you are slotted to pick in the early part of round one, you are usually able to snag one of these multi-faceted players. Oftentimes, you are also afforded another chance to take a shot on guys like Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon with your second pick. You might not have intended it, but here you are deviating from your normal draft strategy. How am I going to survive without a Julio or an Odell? Do I go receiver heavy from here on in, or do I swing for the fences on a three-headed monster with someone like Kerryon Johnson, Leanord Fournette or Damien Williams? Well, if you choose to do the latter, I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can be your WR1 that can be had much later. He can be had so much later that you could even take another running back in the fourth round if you wanted to. His name is Allen Robinson, and according to, he is going in the first couple of picks of the seventh round. 

Allen Robinson 2019 Fantasy Outlook

For someone who figures to be the no doubt wide receiver one in the Chicago Bears offense, this is a cheap price to pay. Robinson is a bit of a forgotten man. He isn’t a sexy pick by any means, and the thought of having him as your top guy on the depth chart may be a tad unnerving. Some have even mentioned the shaky play of Mitchell Trubisky to be a deciding factor on what makes or breaks Robinson as a viable fantasy pick this year. While all are valid concerns, I have reason to believe that there is no need to fret. 

In what was Robinson’s first season back from a torn ACL, he posted 55 catches for 754 yards. Did I mention he only played 13 games? Robinson missed both weeks eight and nine due to a nagging groin, and also sat out the Bears meaningless week 17 tilt against Minnesota. But let’s pretend he did play those three extra contests. I think we can all agree he would have been close to eclipsing 1,000 receiving yards in just his first year back from a torn ACL. It is worth noting that players sometimes take a year to get their legs back under them after coming off of an injury like that. With Robinson, it seems like he didn’t need much warming up. 

Speaking of warming up, not only was Robinson coming off of the ACL tear, but he was also in his first year with a new team. A new team means a new quarterback, new playbook and basically everything in between. The acclimation process and change of scenery can sometimes turn a great player into someone who might just be considered “good”. For context, it has been four years since Alshon Jeffrey has had a 1,000 yard receiving season. His last two years with the Bears were short-lived due to injury, but even in his past two healthy seasons with the Eagles, he has been unable to break that barrier. Unlike Jeffrey, Robinson also has age on his side. He will have just turned 26 when this season starts. 

As mentioned, the quarterback play is just something many can not get past. To that, I have one simple rebuttal. Allen Robinson posted 1,400 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns with none other than, Blake Bortles. Can he top that? Maybe not. Can he produce something a little less spectacular and be a surefire steal in your draft this year? Definitely.

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