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Buy Low, Sell High: Week 3

Dez Bryant Buy Low Sell High

I hope some of you have been able to take advantage of some early season panic from your league opponents. We are still just two games into the season but there are some interesting developments in the works for some big-name players. In this edition of Buy Low, Sell High, I will break down some of the trends that are brewing as well as give you some ideas of who to target. Some of these names may surprise you but I promise there are some 0-2 owners who are desperate for help. Hopefully, you will be the first person to exploit the situation and reap the benefits. Here we go.


Buy Low

Carson Wentz – 

The former no. 2 overall pick in the draft is available in over 50% of ESPN leagues. He has recorded 85 attempts through two games while never being forced to pass until late Sunday against the Chiefs. With Doug Pederson calling the shots in Philly, this trend is likely to continue. Given the addition of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, and the consistency of Zach Ertz, touchdown upside is present as well for the rising star.

Sell High

Russell Wilson- 

Russell Wilson has struggled this season. He was able to save a tough day on Sunday with a Houdini-esque touchdown toss. He offers rushing upside and has a reputation of production. His upcoming two matchups are favorable and you may be able to ship him off now or in the coming weeks. His schedule gets tough in week 5 where he begins a 3-game stretch with the Rams, Giants, and Texans. You won’t want him in any of those matchups so it would be best to cash out now.

Running Backs

Buy Low

Le’Veon Bell- 

Bell was referenced in last weeks column. He saw his carries rise from 12 to 27 in Week 2. He is a bit of a headscratcher and I believe it has to do with the schedule. The run defenses he will face throughout the year may be the most lethal batch assembled. Owners will likely begin to panic in the near future if his production continues to hover around 10 ppg mark. We know he is involved in the passing game and could be the ultimate steal if you could secure him during this cold stretch.

Melvin Gordon- 

Melvin Gordon owners are likely frustrated with the total number of points the 3rd-year back has put up. He only has 22 carries but a whopping 12 receptions. Gordon has no competition whatsoever in that backfield and has dealt with a couple of stout run defenses. Acquire him now and thank me later.

Chris Carson- 

Carson may or may not be owned in your league, but is available in 55% of ESPN leagues. If by chance he is available, add him at once. If not, he would make a fine trade target as he has assumed the clear-cut starting position in Seattle. Their offensive line is not elite but their defense allows them to run the ball late in games. Carson got 20 carries and played in 61% of the offensive snaps compared to 43% in week 1. Eddie Lacy being a healthy scratch indicates the faith the Seahawks have in their rookie back.

Sell High

Patriots Running Backs- 

It looks like Coach Belichick has three different types of runners at his disposal and appears likely to draw straws by the week to determine each role. Sure, they could all score every week with a number of red zone trips but who knows which one will be on the field. Last week, I highlighted Mike Gillisee and though it seems he will get the most carries, this won’t translate to fantasy points. Avoid this headache if you can.

Wide Receivers

Buy Low

Dez Bryant- 

Dez Bryant has been dealt the equivalent of a 2-7 in Texas Hold’em. His first three matchups are Janoris Jenkins, Aquib Talib/Chris Harris Jr., and up next, Patrick Peterson. He is facing 4 of the top-10 corners in the league hands down. He has still managed to be targeted 22 times in two games and has 1 TD. Hear me now, the Cowboys still have a great offensive line and a running game that will allow Bryant to face single coverage. He is healthy and driven. It is a matter of time folks.

A.J. Green- 

Green owners are panicking due to Andy Daltons rough start. I get it but the top 10 wideout has 10 receptions on 18 targets. His schedule plays nicely for the next 3 weeks with Green Bay, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Look for Green to break out and watch his price go out the door with him.

Odell Beckham Jr.- 

The New York Giants are a dumpster fire right now. The offensive line is a mess and there is no running game. Beckham owners may be impatiently waiting for him to get healthy and may be alarmed by the inefficiency of the Giant’s offense. He played 33 of 55 snaps and managed 4 catches for 36 yards. He will be a target monster going forward and would be worth a look.

Sell High

Michael Crabtree-

There is no reason to expect Crabtree to fall off the face of the Earth, but we should remember that Amari Cooper is the true number 1. Thier numbers are nearly identical as far as targets and yards are concerned. Cooper had 5 red-zone targets in week 1 so there will always be a battle for the top spot. Oakland now boasts a more balanced offense and won’t look to be as pass-happy. This week, you may be able to get a big return for Cooper.

Tyreek Hill-

I talked about Hill last week as a sell high candidate. His involvement dipped dramatically in week 2 and I expect more up and down play going forward.

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