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5 weeks gone, and we are starting to hit the meat of bye weeks. With bye weeks now in full effect, roster maneuvering is as important as ever. Not only do you have to drop players to fill out your lineup, but if you had held on to a dead weight player, you might have missed out on getting someone like Sammie Coates, or Cam Meredith a week early. Finding those types of players a week early can be a season defining moment. So don’t miss out by holding on to disappointment! Take a look at the top cut candidates for Week 6.

Jeremy Langford

Owned in 54.9% of ESPN Leagues

I feel like a broken record on this one. Langford was terribly ineffective when he was receiving touches, and then he got hurt. If you’ve seen even a single box score of a Chicago, you should be able to deduce that Jordan Howard has been superior to Langford. If you happen to have watched at least some of the Bears’ offense, then you will wonder why the coaching staff even let Jeremy Langford touch the ball. Howard is the guy in Chicago. Langford is three things. Ineffective, hurt, and not a starter. That’s not a formula for fantasy success. The fact that he’s on 54.9% of ESPN rosters is simply baffling. He will not be any fantasy help this year.

Mohamed Sanu

Owned in 42.2% of ESPN Leagues

Sanu hasn’t been able to capitalize on the heavy coverage being directed towards superstar Julio Jones. Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman have been the primary beneficiaries of the defensive attention being paid to Jones. He’s been held below 45 yards the past four weeks, and hasn’t had more than three receptions in any game since Week 1. This is alarming, given he’s playing for what is currently the top offense in the NFL. If you can’t produce in the highest-flying offense in the league, that’s not a good sign. As a bye week fill in, Sanu isn’t a terrible option in deeper leagues. But he certainly isn’t worthy of an every week bench spot. If you need a deep league flex option, sure. His lack of long-term upside should keep him off your roster for the most part though.

Markus Wheaton

Owned in 30.1% of ESPN Leagues

On the heels of Sammie Coates’ explosion, Wheaton can be put to rest on fantasy teams. Some thought he may figure it out, and end up the number two option in Pittsburgh. That idea is dead. Sammie Coates is that guy. With 19 targets over the past two weeks, Coates has that role locked down. This hypothetically leaves Wheaton in the slot, a role he might not even have to himself when Eli Rogers returns. Even in the ridiculously fantasy-friendly Steeler offense, Wheaton is an afterthought. He’s an afterthought in Pittsburgh, and should be the same for your fantasy team. At only 30% ownership, it’s not like Wheaton is massively over-owned. But we can officially say Wheaton’s chance has come and gone.

Jason Witten

Owned in 79.6% of ESPN Leagues

Another player I feel like a broken record suggesting as a drop candidate. But for real? Almost 80% of leagues have Jason Witten on a roster. I get it. He’s a great real life football player, and a fan favorite. But the guy just isn’t fantasy relevant. He’s more owned than Zach Miller, who is averaging nearly four more points per week in PPR leagues. That’s just one less owned player that should be owned over Witten. There are a myriad of better options likely to be on your league’s waiver wire. Witten has no touchdowns. One game over 60 yards. He’s someone you’d love to have on your REAL football team, but he shouldn’t be on your fantasy team.


There you have it. Don’t be that person in your league holding on to someone who has shown nothing a month into the season. Hanging on to due to false hope, thinking surely your player will turn it around, despite overwhelming evidence, is a bad idea. So use your bench spots to their best ability. Whether it’s a necessary bye week fill in, or a high-upside stash, your bench shouldn’t be full of low ceiling producers.

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