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Defense Streamers: Week 2 (2020 Fantasy Football)

defense streamers week 2 kansas city chiefs

If you waited until the last round of your 2020 fantasy football drafts to snag your defense, you may need a streaming option for week two. RobbyBen, and Nate are here to help! Check out their defense streamers for week 2 and hit us up across social media (TwitterInstagramYouTube) with any questions! Be sure to check out our redraft section often as we’ll be dropping new content almost every day throughout the week!


Ben – Los Angeles Rams (ESPN Rostered %: 13.2)

Any defense led by Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey has the potential to give the opposing team some serious problems. The Rams defense had some hiccups against the high-powered Cowboys offense in week one but overall they did a great job keeping them in check and if they can click and hit their stride as a unit they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. They face-off in week two against an Eagles team whose offensive squad is riddled with injuries and had some significant struggles week one. The offensive line looked horrible and gave up 8 sacks; Carson Wentz was seemingly always under pressure and when he wasn’t being sacked he was making mistakes due to the pressure. That’s a recipe for disaster when you’re lining up against arguably the league’s best pass rusher in Aaron Donald.


Nate – Tennessee Titans (ESPN Rostered %: 22.2)


Gardner Minshew was quite good against the Colts in week 1, but I’m not ready to believe it quite yet. The Titans have some cohesion from 2019 and are led by a great defensive-minded coach. They’ve been an underrated defense the past few years, and they are underrated again. Use that to your advantage, and stream them against arguably the worst team in the NFL. Additionally, the Titans in this matchup fit my “home team vs. a team that gives up a lot of sacks” streaming strategy. 


Robby – Kansas City Chiefs (ESPN Rostered %: 20.2)


Kansas City’s defense would look a lot better if their offense didn’t score so quickly. Despite this “flaw”, the Chiefs defense should have a field day against the Chargers in Week 2. The Chargers offense struggled to move the ball against a below-average defense in Cincinnati. The Chargers failed to amass even 300 yards of total offense and only found the endzone once despite the easier competition. Kansas City, on the flip side, had four sacks and an interception against Deshaun Watson, one of the league’s better quarterbacks. With extra days to prep due to their Thursday season opener, the Chiefs will have plenty of time to prepare for a Tyrod Taylor-led offense that already has offensive line injuries piling up.

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