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Draft Prep: Fantasy Breakouts

curtis samuel dj moore fantasy breakouts

Continuing on with our Draft Prep series, let’s take a look at our favorite fantasy breakouts for 2019.

Cooper Kupp –.Yea, why not just go all in on him? At this point, I’m all aboard the Cooper Kupp hype train and have been all summer. Probably a little too high on him in the beginning. However, Kupp’s ACL recovery couldn’t have gone better. Recently, reports even stated that his metrics (agility, quickness, route running) improved compared to pre-injury. Goff’s performance improves when Copper is on the field, as his yards per attempt, first down percentage, and completion rate all increase. Kupp was on pace for his first 1000+ yard NFL season in 2018, snagging 40 passes for 566 yards and 6 TDs in just 8 games. Third NFL season is the charm. Kupp plays 16 games and the top breakout fantasy player in 2019. – Jen Smith (@TheOnlyJenSmith)

Dede Westbrook – He’s built an amazing rapport with new QB Nick Foles already. He’s looked amazing in camp and put on a show in week 3 of the preseason against the Miami Dolphins. I also love that Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo won a Superbowl with Nick Foles at QB and clearly knows how to get the best out of his talents. His current ADP of 7.12 is a fantastic value. – Anthony Pinzone (@the1andonlypz)

David Montgomery – Montgomery is as slippery as an eel, as shown by a combined 185 forced missed tackles his last two seasons at Iowa State. In fact, he’s the only college RB to have over 100 forced missed tackles in a single-season (snapping the record of 84 formerly held by Dalvin Cook). If you watch some of his tape from college you’ll find a tough runner who knows how to patiently attack open holes or cut on a dime and bounce a run outside. He’s not the fastest guy on the field, but his all-around play-making ability resembles a lot of what we saw from Kareem Hunt in Kansas City. That brings me to Bears head coach Matt Nagy who was also Hunt’s OC during his breakout year in 2017. Matt Nagy is someone who desperately wants a player versatile enough to be a three-down workhorse in the NFL. Want proof? If you go back and read some of the quotes out of CHI from the beginning of the 2018 season, Nagy was steadfast in forcing the idea of *Jordan Howard* being a three-down back. That plan didn’t turn out well for Howard or his owners last year and as my Dad used to say, “you can’t paint stripes on a horse and call it a zebra”. On the positive side, even with Tarik Cohen seemingly dominating touches at times Jordan Howard still managed 270 touches in 2018. This bodes well for Monty’s volume projection which I expect to be in the range of 15-20 touches per game. The “Montgomery Hype Train” has been chugging along so far in the preseason but, all in all, David Montgomery at his current ADP of 3.08 is a price worth paying for what I believe is the next star running back in Chicago. – Alex Fagundes (@alfagundes_)

Curtis Samuel – I believe the hype. Samuel was already a spectacular route runner in 2018, and in 2019, he finally gets the opportunity (exit Devin Funchess). Samuel will be essentially 1B to DJ Moore’s 1A, but I am buying Samuel, not just because he is cheaper in drafts, but also because I believe that he will get more targets due to his versatility.   -Nate Henry (@NateHenryFF)

Curtis Samuel – Don’t take my word for it. Take everyone else’s, especially Matt Harmon. With Funchess’s departure clearing out 79 targets and a healthy Cam Newton opening up the offense, that’s good enough for me. – Dan Haas (@Dan_Haas)

Robby Anderson – Forget Baker. Over the next decade, there is one QB who will outshine all of the rest: Sam Darnold. Now, Sunday Sam isn’t fantasy relevant this season (yet) but his number 1 receiving option will be plenty relevant, and then some. Robby Anderson formed a special bond with his QB down the stretch last year. That spark will only continue to grow as the Jets & new coach Adam Gase revamp their offense with new weapons like Le’Veon Bell. Anderson will get the chance to show off his route-running prowess, expanding from purely vertical usage in years past. I expect Gase to prioritize his WR1 and foresee the young QB to taking a big step forward, resulting in a top-12 finish for Anderson. – Ryan Murphy (@themurph34)

Deebo Samuel – Samuel was one of my favorite receivers entering the draft this year and then he was taken 36th overall by Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers. Whether or not Dante Pettis is truly struggling and fighting for a role remains to be seen but I truly don’t think that matters. After George Kittle, there’s more than enough targets to go around that Samuel can breakout and pay off his current ADP of 13.12. – Cody Kutzer (@CKutzerFF)

D.J. Moore Curtis Samuel has been getting all the love this preseason and understandably so. The beat reporters have been all over him saying how he looks unrecoverable and it seems like there is a 50-yard bomb his direction daily. However, I fully expect D.J. Moore to take the next big step and truly become one of the most coveted fantasy assets moving forward. I expect a season inside the top-16 at the position, albeit not quite WR1 territory. Regardless, I would consider this a true breakout for the year 2 wide receiver to cement his place as one of the best at the position moving forward. – Nick Cantatore

Aaron Jones – He enters 2019 as the unquestioned starter on an Aaron Rodgers led offense. In 12 games in 2018, Jones amassed 728 rushing yards, 209 receiving yards, and nine touchdowns. Furthermore, he ranked 4th in true yards per carry and 17th in fantasy points per game (14.3). While it took the previous coaching staff until week 10 to commit to Aaron Jones, once they did he really took off. From Weeks 1-9, he averaged 27 snaps per week, compare that to Weeks 10-15 and he averaged 41 snaps per game. Well, wouldn’t you know it, during that Week 10-15 stretch he was the RB4 with finishes of RB5, RB3, RB14, RB15, and RB6, and RB73. Heading into 2019, Aaron Jones figures to be the lead back and see his opportunity share rise from 56.9% (19th in the league) to somewhere north of 60% while operating as the lead back in one of the best offenses in all of football. Jones is an easy buy in the 3rd round and should be someone you are aggressively targeting at his current ADP. – Kevin Steele (@FantasyWrath13)

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