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Being a dynasty football owner means creating your team and molding it into what you want, your way. There is an aspect of dynasty football, however, that is often avoided because it takes the creation factor away from you as the team owner: adopting an orphaned team. If you are unaware of what an orphaned dynasty team is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is when an owner for various reasons decides to abandon their team. Losing a team owner can sometimes be devastating for a dynasty league. More often than not, a league will look for an owner to fill the void as opposed to having the league die. Taking over an orphaned team is a wild ride filled with a mix of fun and frustration. In this article I will break down how to handle, and what to expect of, becoming an adoptive owner.

Before you ever adopt a team, be aware of three main things: team makeup, future picks, and league fees.

The first is pretty obvious, but should still be stated. Don’t accept the team blindly just because there may be people in the league you want to play with. Look at the makeup of the team because you will instantly see why the previous owner left. It will either be a team ready to compete with or one that wasn’t very invested in. If it is a team that has competed and can still compete, great. You want to make your mark on the new team and now it can be a little easier with a few lateral moves to get players you like. However, there is the other side of the orphan, the cellar dweller. If the team you take over is in the bottom half or third of the league, things can get interesting. This is where you can get creative with your moves to acquire players in 2:1 trades. Putting your research and knowledge to the test, you can also take more risks on players you perceive as a buy-low with high upside. Don’t be afraid to just blow the squad up and basically create it from the ground up. Patience as an adoptive owner is the top trait. Your team turnaround isn’t going to happen overnight, most of the time.

Second, the most imperative item, future draft picks. I cannot stress this enough: if you do not have your future first round pick, make sure that is job number one. Do not make any explosive moves to your roster without gaining or attempting ownership of that first pick. Starting from scratch only makes that pick more valuable while giving you fewer assets to put towards regaining that top pick. Don’t be afraid to sell players for only future draft picks, while playing the current year on the waiver wire. I’ve done that and it was one of my most fun seasons of playing dynasty football.

Finally, when going into the league as an adoptive owner, negotiate your league fees. This is not an outrageous request and more often than not, you will get that discounted fee. Remember that league commissioners want to fill spots as soon as possible. They would much rather give a discount for a year or two rather than inch closer to the draft/season with a hole in ownership. Taking these things into account, I hope you enjoy taking over your orphaned dynasty football team.

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