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Fortune Favors The Bold: FNTSYRadio Draft Recap

julio jones NFC south training camp update

The title of this article is also my hashtag at the end of every piece that I write because you need to have that thought process when it comes to playing fantasy football, DFS, or living everyday life; so I find the phraseology appropriate when such situation comes my way. Let me recount the events of Tuesday, August 8th which led me to be involved in part of a rather fun, exciting, and challenging FNTSYRadio Draft.

I had my Tweetdeck open since this is fantasy football season and you’re always looking for the most up-to-date information for injuries, practice reports, key metrics but around 8 PM, I notice this tweet come across my timeline:

As you can clearly see, I was very intrigued about this chance to be in a live draft which would be broadcasted @FNTSYRadio so as the title suggested, I decided to be bold and ask for some of the particulars about this draft and Mr. Laub readily sent back this message:

Fortune Favors The Bold

Another person also inquired about the spot, but I was already on the case and had it in hand so he was not needed; of course, John appreciated the gesture and thanked him accordingly. Obviously, I was excited beyond belief to get the opportunity to be in an actual draft which would be broadcasted live (@FNTSYRadio) so I it was imperative that I brought my “A” game to the proceedings. It was also fortunate that I have an account with Fantrax so I didn’t have to use valuable time to create one. Among the luminaries other than John Laub and Joe Pisapia competing in this draft were: Jamie CalandroDFS, Jake Ciely, George Kurtz, Mike Blewitt, & Nate Miller so I was swimming in the deep end of the fantasy football drafting pool and had to represent myself and The Fantasy Authority with pride and honor.

This particular draft was a 12 team, a 2QB league which starts 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 DST and has 5 bench spots. Now with 2 starting quarterbacks, that position will be worth a higher premium than others so grabbing 2 early is a very viable option. Because I was a late fill-in for another owner, I, unfortunately, was saddled with drafting in the 12th position, but it didn’t lessen my enthusiasm for this draft one bit!

The Draft:

Now, without any further ado, this is the final drafting grid for the 2017 J&J 2-QB Fantasy Invitational:

As you can see from the drafting grid, quarterbacks flew off the board in the 1st round (6 were taken), running backs were also a priority pick with some owners (4 were taken) , but Antonio Brown was the only wide receiver drafted (7th overall) before it was my turn to pick. Since I had both the 1.12 and 2.01 selections, my mindset was to make a double pick which would be the foundation of my team. So I was staring at several possibilities: Doing some sort of combination which would include a quarterback and not be left to scramble for a starter later on in the draft, go double running back, go double wide receiver, or use a combo of a running back and a wide receiver. In a “bold” move, I decided to go with the tandem of Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. because this was a rare chance to get TWO top-6 players regardless of position at one time and I would be secure having the chance to outscore my opposition on a weekly basis. But I was confident that I could secure two serviceable starting quarterbacks when it was my turn to pick again.

After my selection of Julio & OBJ, it was quite obvious to me that the quarterback run would continue because 14 of them were taken out the next 22 picks and I was really sweating it out hoping that there would be any viable starting quarterbacks left for me to select at the turn. Despite not having any starting running backs, it was imperative for me to grab the last two starting quarterbacks on my board at 3.12 and 4.01, so that’s exactly what I did selecting Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford. Now it didn’t take any #nextlevelanalysis on my part to make that rather logical and prudent choice at this point in the draft.

Looking at my board at the 5.12 and 6.01 turn, it was apparent that I had a glaring need at running back which had to be addressed so upon further review of the available choices, I went with Lamar Miller and Marshawn Lynch. Both are starters on teams which are striving for long playoff runs and will need the prospective running games to be viable options for them. If either one goes for 1,000-1,200 yards and 6-8 touchdowns, I’ll be very satisfied.

While waiting for my turn to pick at 7.12 and 8.01, I had a couple of options in mind and I was hoping not to get sniped because there were quite a number of wide receivers taken ahead of me, but I was focusing on the tight end and running back positions. My choices ended up being Jimmy Graham and Spencer Ware. Graham is 20 pounds lighter than last season (260 lbs from 280 lbs) plus he’s also another year removed from patella tendon surgery and should regain the form which made him a constant fantasy top-5 tight end in New Orleans. I’m not worried about the presence of Kareem Hunt in the Chiefs backfield where Spencer Ware is concerned. He has the complete trust of the coaching staff and veteran players. If it were not for a concussion in the middle of the season, Ware’s numbers would be had him in the top-15 running backs fantasy wise and I see nothing that prevents that.

When it came to picks 9.12 and 10.1, I decided to go “bold” and looked for a couple of high-ceiling, high-risk choices in DeShaun Watson and Tyler Eifert. I’m gambling that Watson will eventually become the starter for the Texans and bring some electricity, athleticism, and swagger to their offense to go along with a very stout defense. Eifert has a potential ceiling of 8-10 touchdowns, but the injury history is real, so at this point in the draft, high ceiling players are what I’m looking for and the risk was worth it here.

At 11.12 and 12.01, my selections where John Brown and Jonathan Stewart. Brown is coming off a very disappointing 2016 season, but it was revealed that he was dealing with a sickle cell trait which can compromise your health. Brown has addressed his medical issues and is in line to be the starter along side Larry Fitzgerald. Stewart will likely lead the Panthers in carries in 2017, get all of the early down work, and most importantly, be the goal-line back so it made perfect sense to grab him when was still on the board. He’s being largely forgotten due to all of the Christian McCaffrey hype, but not by yours truly.

My last two positional picks at 13.12 and 14.01 respectively, are completely upside/lottery tickets who could hit big and aren’t worth much in draft capital: Josh Doctson and ArDarius Stewart. Doctson is a total unknown due to missing the entire 2016 season due to an Achilles injury but the coaching staff in Washington believes in his talent and want him to be a major contributor this season. With the season ending injury to Quincy Enunwa, the wide receiver depth of the Jets is rather nondescript and it may give the rookie from Alabama a chance to make his mark and get prime opportunities with the first unit offense during the preseason and possibly during the regular season.

My final two picks, 15.12 and 16.01 are the Baltimore Ravens DST and kicker Dan Bailey. Ravens used all of their draft picks on the defensive side of the ball to bolster an already rock solid unit.

Bailey is close to automatic as a kicker can be during his career with the Cowboys. Plus, his range extends to 50+ yards which is a nice bonus to have.

In closing, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to John Laub & Joe Pisapia for allowing me to be a part of this high level but challenging league and to Fantrax for hosting this league. Despite being in a league with some fantasy heavyweights, it will not deter me from going all out to win this league and have major bragging rights.

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