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Free Agent Sleepers Week 4

Week 4 Waiver Wire Adds

Free Agent Sleepers Week 4 and Onward

Welcome back fantasy football fans! Welcome to Free Agent Sleepers Week 4! There are a lot of good options for players that are sitting in free agency right now that could pay off in a HUGE way if you play your cards right. Keep your eyes on players being dropped as well, fantasy owners can be very fickle when it comes to underperforming players. Anyway, let’s dive right into Free Agent Sleepers Week 4!

(All ownership values are based on ESPN leagues)

Low % Owned Free Agent Sleepers (<10% owned)

D’onta Foreman RB HOU (6.8% owned)

I don’t necessarily think that Foreman will automatically take over the lead spot in Houston. However, he has lead this backfield in red zone touches so far this season (5-1). This could lead to him having some stand-alone value as an emergency flex. Similar to how Derrick Henry was being used last year for the Titans. Foreman has received 10 and 12 touches the last two games and he should remain cemented in the 10-15 touch range. Miller has shown that he’s not capable of carrying 20+ touch games through an entire season. If the Texans keep using Foreman in the red zone and the offense smooths out as DeShaun Watson figures out his game and Will Fuller returns to form, he could be a viable fantasy asset in the coming weeks (they play KC in week 5 and Cleveland in week 6).

Redskins DST (8.1% owned)

A defense?!?! Yeah, a defense. This is more of a DST stream than anything else (For more steams, check Michael Stepney’s Week 4 Streaming Options), but the Redskins DST might have some prolonged value if they keep up what they’ve been doing lately. Their first three opponents this year have been the Eagles, Rams and Raiders. These three teams have shown (Yes, even the Rams) that they’re competent offenses. In these three games, the Redskins have held their foe to an average of 18 points per game. Additionally, the Redskins have 7 turnovers and 8 sacks under their belts already this season. And this week they play the Chiefs, who are currently ranked 30th in sacks with 12 allowed already this season.

The only downside is that the Redskins go on bye in week 5, so if they have another hot week you might have to hold them depending on your DST options. They’re currently the 4th ranked DST in ESPN standard scoring and could easily remain top 10 or better if they keep up this production against good teams.

Free Agent Sleepers Week 4

Will Fuller WR HOU (2.9% owned)

If someone in your league hasn’t already grabbed Will Fuller, I suggest you go get him now. None of the other WRs in Houston have used their opportunity to step into the WR2 role while Fuller recovered from a broken collarbone. Also, just a quick reminder that collarbone injuries do not typically have any lasting effects. Once it’s healed, the player is good to go. Will Fuller is a vertical burner and he will stretch the field for the Texans offense in a way that should benefit everyone. You do need to know that Fuller may be a boom or bust guy, but he kicked off his career with three out of four games where he had over 80 yards receiving. When healthy, Fuller can explode.

Medium % Free Agent Sleepers (10-50% owned)

Marqise Lee WR JAX (42.3% owned)

In PPR leagues, Lee is already being snatched up. Since Allen Robinson went to IR, he’s received 19 targets in two weeks for 11 receptions. His yardage totals have not been anything crazy because most of his work has been through the slot. If Lee keeps getting 8 or more targets per game, he will be a viable PPR start as a fill-in WR2 or flex due to having a high floor. With that being said, he has had 2 red zone targets in the last two weeks as well. The TD opportunity is definitely reduced by Leonard Founette being the go-to option near the goal line.

Free Agent Sleepers Week 4

Chris Johnson RB ARI (15.6% owned)

I’ve gone back and forth on Chris Johnson. Hell, I’ve even owned Kerwynn Williams at one point this year. The bottom line is that the Arizona backfield is not pretty in the absence of superstar David Johnson. With that being said, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has come out and directly said that Chris Johnson will be the starter going forward. That gives us some hope that he might at least get 15+ touches game-to-game. Even so, he’s only produced 61 yards on 23 carries since being re-signed.

It’s hard to have confidence in him, but he is most likely a free agent, so you can grab him at no cost and keep him on your bench. Or if you’re feeling frisky, he could be a spot start against the very subject 49ers run defense. I just advise you only do this if you have zero other RB or flex options.

Tyrod Taylor QB BUF (27.8% owned)

What does Tyrod have that few other QBs in the league have? A rushing floor. Tyrod has had exactly 8 rushing attempts in each game so far this year. He’s racked up 106 yards rushing, which is second only to DeShaun Watson who had one massive run. Tyrod will likely not give you a sub 10 point performance. He will be a steady QB going forward though, as the Bills have just come off of two difficult match-ups in Denver and Carolina. It should be noted that since Tyrod lost Sammy Watkins, his upside is capped. Rookie Zay Jones has shown promise but isn’t quite where the Bills need him yet. I expect this offense to meld as the season wears on, though it does mostly run through McCoy.

Free Agent Sleepers Week 4

Drop Watch Alert: Corey Davis WR TEN (67.1% owned, down -7.7%)

Corey Davis has been ruled out once again for the week 4 tilt against the Texans. This was unfortunate news because it was a stellar matchup against a struggling Texans secondary. With that being said, people are giving up on him. They shouldn’t. In week 1 of his short career, he received 10 targets (for 6 receptions and 69 yards) from Mariota. Corey Davis is quick, deceptive and has incredible hands. There’s a reason that he got drafted 5th overall. When Davis returns from a hamstring injury, he’s going to light this league on fire. He’s worth a stash if you have ample WR depth for the next couple weeks and don’t have any bye concerns.


So that was free agent sleepers week 4! These are guys that I’m grabbing now that the waivers have settled. Keep The Fantasy Authority on your favorites bar, as we have tons of awesome weekly content this season! I’ll be back next week with a new batch of free agent sleepers for you to scoop up. Impress your league-mates by grabbing a sleeper a week before he goes off!

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