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Here we go kicking off The Fantasy Authority IDP rookie scouting profiles to set you up for success in all of your IDP leagues!


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 237

Reddick has been shooting up draft boards since before the Combine, but his Combine performance has kept the upward momentum going to the point where some are questioning if he will be picked before top LB Reuben Foster. Matching up with the DLs, Reddick posted the fastest 40-yard time at 4.52 with a 10 yard split of 1.59 showing off that game-changing quick-twitch ability and explosive playmaking. Reddick is an explosive, athletic freak who could potentially play DE or LB at the next level because of his speed and ability to attack the pocket after he transitioned from LB in high school and his first year of college.

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Haasan’s size and speed allows him to get around the edge blockers avoiding contact to attack the ball whether it is still in the hands of the QB or the RB. He has also shown the ability to drop back into coverage against the pass giving him the slight in staying on the field for extra work. even at the next level.


Quick-twitch Reaction

I already touched on how explosive and quick Reddick is, but there’s more to it. He is able to shed blocks and keep moving to the point of attack. He can get to the QB, 17.5 sacks at Temple, either by going back inside or prying the outside edge open and he has outstanding reactive speed. Loose hips, fluid motion, and superior flexibility makes Reddick the top draft option at Edge. This flexibility and speed comes in handy with his small stature allowing him to burst through the blocks and stop the play. Dual-hatting as LB and DL, he is known to have a second motor that helps him react to plays and provide coverage in space.




Strength to power is a concern for Reddick being a 3-4 edge rusher because he relies too much on his speed and agility to make it around the edge blockers. Strength became a reliability in his last two seasons at Temple as he failed to complete 16 tackles. He is one of the smallest DLs in this draft class which also creates problems when he engages in blocks. He showed difficulty maneuvering out of blocks when larger sized O-linemen got the upper hand in blocks leaving Reddick to rely more on his speed and agility than hand placements to make it around the edge or break coverage. Unless he sacrifices some of that speed for bulk Reddick may be drafted as a WILL rather than EDGE so defensive coordinators can take advantage of his speed and pass coverage.



Reddick is sure fire asset in both the NFL and IDP leagues whether he is designated as WILL or EDGE. The NFL will allow him to develop his skills as well as expound on his rushing playbook allowing for more opportunities to attack the ball. With a solid Combine performance and less dramatic character concerns than Reuben Foster, do not be surprised to see Reddick get selected before Foster in the first round. If he does garner the LB label owners can look to Pittsburgh Steeler’s Ryan Shazier as an example of what to expect, but imagine a better bill of health for more consistent play value.

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