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Our beloved game has exploded to new heights, with approximately 33 million people participating as of last year. Some of us play competitively while others play casually. Regardless, it’s a great way to actively learn a lot about players and teams that normally you may not pay any attention to. There’s a variety of scoring and draft/roster formats to experiment with. The types of scoring formats include: standard, PPR (points per reception), variations of TD dependency, and custom settings. The way players score can then be paired with one of the many roster arrangements. Some of the most common configurations in building rosters are: Re-draft, Auction, Keeper, Dynasty, and IDP (individual defensive player). After coupling a scoring setting and a roster building format, you can then tweak the amount of each position you must start on a weekly basis along with how many players can be stored on your non-active bench. It’s a beautiful thing really, modifying and fine-tuning your roster and scoring settings year by year to try and make the league more enjoyable and competitive. In most roster formats, one will start a quarterback, two running backs, two or three wide receivers, a tight end, and a kicker/defense. Who likes to stick to the norm though? On top of the standard roster format, commissioners sometimes add a flex position of RB/WR/TE. We can get even more funky with the flex position, however. Two of my favorite roster formats, and probably least played among fantasy football enthusiasts are 2QB and SuperFlex leagues.

2QB Format

It’s just as it sounds. What position is heralded as the most important position on the football field? Quarterback. NFL teams live and die by the quality of their quarterback almost 100% of the time. To a lesser degree, the same goes for fantasy teams. Some of you may have heard of 2QB leagues. Two quarterbacks per team are started weekly, putting a huge emphasis on elite quarterbacks such as Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers, all the way down to your typical waiver wire quarterbacks in a regular one QB format.

The SuperFlex

I love me some SuperFlex. It’s by far one of the most unique and fascinating roster formats around. Sadly, it’s not popular in many fantasy circles, but it’s gaining some steam. Similarly to a 2QB league, the SuperFlex presents owners with the option to start two quarterbacks in their active roster. It’s not required, so it gives massive flexibility in how you go about your business. If the draft falls a certain way and you’re not comfortable with the options available, it allows you to go a different direction altogether. But say two quarterbacks you’re really high on are readily available when it’s your turn, you then have the right to start them both. By potentially doubling the active players at a position you change the game entirely. Especially when it comes to the QB position. There’s 32 barring injury, and those are obviously unpredictable. Platoons at RB and a plethora of wide receivers make adding an active roster spot at those positions far less impactful. Quarterback is traditionally the highest scoring position, so the prospective influx of around 12 new, high-scoring players creates a fresh transformation that many fantasy participants have never plunged into. Quarterback ADP (average draft position) changes completely. No more getting Eli Manning in the 8th round. No more Derek Carr in the 12th. Everything is changed from your traditional standard roster format. Preparation changes, the draft changes, in-season roster moves via free agency/trades change, and start-sit dilemmas are all affected by the addition of a possible 2nd QB per team. If you’ve never taken part in a SuperFlex league, I highly recommend it. Remember when you first started playing fantasy football? That excitement leading up to the draft, finally making your picks and realizing you scored huge, getting a guy much later than you had anticipated. Making moves throughout the season to better your squad and most importantly, finding ways to win a championship. I’m not saying the enthusiasm for your standard, traditional format is gone, but for those of you who want test your skills and give yourself a new challenge, SuperFlex might be for you. Scope it out and let me know what you think!

I have been playing fantasy football since 2000 along with many other fantasy sports. I have a warm place in my heart for 2QB/SuperFlex formats. I'm always available to chat football or answer any questions fantasy related. Follow @JeffDonovan_FF to send any questions, comments, or concerns my way.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tracy

    August 10, 2018 at 9:52 am

    Hey Jeff, we have PPR 10 team league, considering superflex position. As commissioner, other than adding the position, are there any other changes I would need to make. We use ESPN.@JeffDonovan_WA

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