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Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook 2019: Flag Planted Part 2

Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook 2019

Over the course of four weeks,  I will take a stance and plant my flag for certain players in 2019 – good or bad. Many of the opinions will either be my feelings on ambiguous situations or debunking assumptions that have gone too far. I will look at each fantasy skill position in this four-part series. Today we continue the series with Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook 2019.

I want to start by saying I am the self-proclaimed leader of the Chubb Club. Early in the 2018 draft process was when I declared him my RB2 (well ahead of Guice). Later in the draft process, I backed that up by selecting him at 2 overall in rookie drafts when I could. Start-up season rolled around an I jumped ADP by a wide margin to get him in almost every start-up in the 4th/5th round range. Redraft season I pounded the table to take this guy at the end of your draft with league-winning upside. It was following week 4 and 100-yard performance on three carries that I went into a full-blown obsession. Finally, it was following week 6 and he was named the starter when I went into euphoria.

I say all this to pose this question: Why the disrespect? It’s hard to claim that a player is disrespected as they go inside the top two-rounds of a draft. However, this is exactly how I feel. All this man did was win the hearts of me and so many others.

Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook 2019

The Facts in Numbers

Nick Chubb was a stud with the ball in his hands during 2018. According to Pro Football Focus, Chubb graded out as the number two rusher overall (90.2) behind only Melvin Gordon (90.5). He finished with 996 yards on the ground, one carry away (presumably) from his first 1,000-yard season of his career. Even further, Chubb led the league in yards created after contact. This lead to Chubb being the far and away leader of the PFF elusive score model with an insane score of 103.3 (take Saquon at 67.4 and McCaffrey at 47.3 for reference). What Chubb did on the ground is nothing short of incredible. He showed the vision, explosiveness, and ability to be a feature back in the NFL.

Why the Optimism?

The situation only improved for both Nick Chubb and the surrounding cast. The addition of OBJ will open the field up as Landry will have more space to work over the middle. The presence of four pass-catching threats (yes I include Callaway) should only keep opposing defense from stacking the box. The only “competition” Chubb has on the depth chart for the first ten games of the season is Duke Johnson, if he even decides to show up. Everyone is concerned that Kareem Hunt is going to come off of suspension and take the job from Chubb. Quite frankly, I don’t think Kareem Hunt is as talented as Chubb. Even more, I expect Nick Chubb to perform at such a level that Hunt won’t even be considered. Chubb will run away with the unquestioned role as a starter and never look back, if he hasn’t already based on last season.

Actionable Approach

Don’t think twice about taking Nick Chubb in the second round of your draft. Heck, the kid is a first-round talent. He deserves to be up there and I think he is in for a monster season. Coming off the board at RB12 behind a guy like Dalvin Cook is criminal. In fact, I have Chubb currently slated at RB6 in my personal rankings ahead of David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell. That might seem strong – even compared to our site rankings here at TFA. I’m sticking my flag on the Nick Chubb hill without question – and like his grip on the starting role – I’m never looking back.


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