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Streaming Quarterbacks: Week 1

josh allen streaming quarterbacks week 1

When it comes to fantasy football there seems to be a ton of committees running around. The most notable one is the RBBC or running back by committee. This is when real-life teams deploy a multiple player backfield. You can find this in the current Chiefs roster with LeSean McCoy, Damien Williams, and Darwin Thompson. However, when it comes to fantasy football the one used wildly is the QBBC or quarterback by committee. Streaming quarterbacks can often be effective when you run into a bye-week or suffer an unfortunate injury. Let’s talk about streaming quarterbacks Week 1 and streaming in general.

Streaming quarterbacks is much like the bachelor or bachelorette who may wake up with a new friend every weekend. Unfortunately, like that strategy, streaming quarterbacks can often lead to a lot of scratching.

Before we do though, lets put this into perspective a bit. Cam Newton is currently being drafted as the 10th overall quarterback in the league according to Fantasy Pros. However, you’ll notice there may be plenty of options available in better situations. Maybe it’s because they have a better-ranked offense, or it’s because the defense they are facing is much worse. Either way, streaming quarterbacks here could benefit your team.

For example, Cam Newton is playing the Los Angeles Rams at home in Charlotte. Dak Prescott is also at home playing the Giants. Prescott has all of his offensive weapons (Ezekiel Elliott?) that made him the fourth-best fantasy quarterback from week 9 on last year. In week 1, Prescott is facing the 26th ranked pass defense based on Pro Football Focus’ defensive ranks. On the other hand, Cam Newton faces the NFL’s fourth-best defense in week 1.

Unfortunately, for the purposes of streaming quarterbacks, Dak is owned in 91.9% of leagues according to ESPN’s rostered %. The likelihood that you can find him on waivers and start him probably won’t happen.

With that in mind, here are some options for streaming quarterbacks Week 1. All of these guys have a rostered % less than 75% on ESPN.

Mitch Trubisky; Chicago Bears

Fantasy Pros ADP has Trubisky as the 19th QB while’s rostered percentage has him at 66.1%. However, if you are fighting between the idea of starting a QB with a poor matchup like Murray vs. Detroit or Lamar vs. Miami, Trubisky might be the answer. The Green Bay Packers finished as the 24th ranked passing defense according to PFF. In two matchups against the Bears last season, the Packers had an average ranking of 66.7 which isn’t very good.

During their week one contest last season, Trubisky failed to produce through the air. He would throw for only 171 yards and no touchdowns in the game. However, he would gain 32 yards on the ground, find the endzone and finish with 16 fantasy points. The second game was much different, finishing with 235 yards passing and two touchdowns through the air. He only had 17 yards on the ground in this one but finished with 21 fantasy points.

Kirk Cousins; Minnesota Vikings

PFF fantasy projections for the upcoming week has Kirk Cousins as the 22nd best fantasy player across all positions.  Cousins is projected to be the 12th best QB this week with 18 points. His week one opponent, Atlanta Falcons, are the 8th worst pass defense, and according to PFF Cousins has a 32% chance of hitting the 300-yard mark on Sunday.

Kirk finished as the 11th best quarterback in 2018 with a fraction point shy of 300 fantasy points. But if history tells us anything, Cousins is a much better QB in the first half of the season. Through the first eight weeks of 2018 Cousins was the 3rd best quarterback. In the first halves of 2017 & 2016, he would finish as the 7th and 9th best quarterback respectively. All of this shows us that Cousins should once again produce in the first half of the year.

Cousins didn’t face the Falcons last year, but when facing teams ranked similar to them (Detroit & Green Bay) he combined for 1200 yards, 11 touchdowns, and only two interceptions. Look no further than Cousins if you’re deciding between those 13th round QB you drafted.

Josh Allen; Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen turned some heads in 2018. Allen wasn’t the most efficient passer in 2018, ranking 40th in the league. Nonetheless, Allen would finish ranked 6th best non-running back rusher. His 631 rushing yards would rank 2nd for quarterbacks only 60 behind Lamar Jackson. And his 7.1 yards per attempt would rank 1st among non-RBs with at least 25 rushing attempts.

Despite the poor passing grade, Allen finished as the 21st best fantasy QB because of his ability to run the ball. Allen is now in his 2nd year and hopes to turn the page into an improved passer. Although Allen is projected to be the 22nd best fantasy QB, his week one matchup is pretty favorable.

Allen would only throw for 206 yards, 0 touchdowns and two interceptions against the Jets last year. Nevertheless, he gained 101 yards on the ground, found the endzone once and scored a total of 22 fantasy points.

The Jets defense is projected to finish as the 24th ranked fantasy defense forcing a projected 25 turnovers. With a current ESPN rostered% of just 20.2%, there are 80% of teams possibly missing out on 20+ point upside.

Jimmy Garoppolo; San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have been going through a complete organizational overhaul for the last few years. Starting with a new GM, that turned into a new coach and quarterback and now a completely new running game. The addition of Tevin Coleman and more experience for a very young receiving core should make things even better.

Garoppolo turned heads a couple of years ago for the 49ers before going down with a season-ending injury last year. Following a mid-season trade to the ‘9ers, Garoppolo found himself at the helm for the first time in his career. In the final five games of 2017, Jimmy G would finish as the 7th best quarterback and only 30 points behind #1. Garoppolo’s hype has diminished some due to his shortened 2018 season. According to FF Calculator, Garoppolo is being taken as the 21st quarterback off the board.

Pro Football Focus has Jimmy’s projections at 17 fantasy points in week one. However, he is facing the 30th ranked passing defense in the league last year. The Buccaneers gave up the 7th most passing yards and the 3rd most passing touchdowns in 2018. Tampa was tied for the 4th fewest interceptions at nine and tied for 8th fewest amount of sacks. This is all a sign of things to come for Garoppolo and the 9ers offense.

The 49ers defense might make things even better for Garoppolo. The 9ers ranked as the 32nd ranked passing defense giving up 35 touchdowns and only two interceptions with 37 sacks. If they can’t slow down Winston, Garoppolo will need to keep his foot on the pedal. According to the Fanduel Sportsbook, this game has the 5th highest scoring total at 49.5. However, with how bad these two teams are at defending the pass that number could be even higher.

Honorable Mentions:

Jameis Winston; Tampa Bay Buccaneers: As mentioned above, the 49ers passing defense is one of the worst in the league. New additions in the coaching staff should turn things around for the former #1 pick. The Florida State standout just hasn’t been the guy we thought he’d be so far. Bruce Arians is now his head coach and should be able to turn Winston into a monster. Fantasy Pros ADP has Winston as QB15 but could easily put up top-10 points against the leagues worst-ranked pass defense.

Nick Foles; Jacksonville Jaguars: Foles got the opportunity to win himself a nice shiny contract at the end of last year. Foles would earn that deal signing with the Jaguars for four years and 88 million. In the final five games including playoffs, Foles was the 3rd best fantasy quarterback, almost taking his Eagles to the conference championship game for the 2nd year in a row. Foles won’t have the weapons he did in Philly but will get a favorable matchup this week. The Chiefs ranked 18th against the pass last year. Yet, with how high-powered the Chiefs offense is, Foles will need to keep letting the ball rip to stay in the game.


Don’t forget to check out our rankings every week to see where we have players ranked at each position to help with your lineup decisions!

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